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Youth Group

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle April 5, 2007 @ 8:26 am
So tonight I went to see Youth Group! I missed the YULBlog because of it, but it was worth it, sad to say! First band, Acrobat from here. They were alright. Second band Aqueduct, from Seattle. Wow. They were funny. The band members reminded me of guys you could find in the show “Beauty and the Geek”, the geeks of course! And the song they opened with confirmed that, it was their theme song… So kitch not even funny. Still the rest of their set was not bad at all! Then Youth Group came on! Yay! They were quite good. Though I could see they were tired, later confirmed by the drummer after the gig who told us they were on the road today instead of having slept here in Montreal last night… Anyways. The gig. A good mix of older songs with a few new ones. It was funny at one point when the singer/guitarist started playing a song, but it wasn’t the one planned on the setlist. The others just followed along. Now that's good improv! It seems the stage was a bit small for them too as the singer kept bumping into other’s equipment! I really enjoyed Daisychains into, and the See Saw finale. Actually I loved the whole set. Youth Group All of my pics here. After the gig the bandmembers came out to chat with fans. I exchanged a few words with the drummer, and then a quick chat with the singer. I would have liked to speak with the basist but he was no where in sight… And I had to come home because it was late (00h30) with a full schedule for tomorrow! This venue, the Mile End Cultural Centre, reminded me of Aussie venues! Tiny, dingy looking/feeling, crowd right next to the low stage, not so full (about 50-75 people). The only different was in Oz it was always smoked-filled which made it impossible to breathe… And here not! I took a cab home, an old Quebecer man was driving. I told him I came from Blanc-Sablon and he actually knew quite a lot about it! It’s always fun to chat with cabbies.

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