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Minor irritants…

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 31, 2008 @ 7:32 pm
The weather has not been so good this week. So the flights in and out have been sparse. So there hasn't been any mail! For days now my post office box has been empty! I'm waiting on a few parcels and some letters! Hope they arrive someday soon! Another thing is the cable coop... They don't really care about French channels I think! Most of those we get are English. We do have RDI. But recently it's on and off (grey screen and good screen). And for two days TVA has been off (showing just a black screen). I don't really watch TVA, more RDI, but still, can't they just get it working good?! At least I've got my high speed Internet to link me to the rest of the world.

Happy at school

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon,Photography — Christelle @ 7:48 am
Yesterday I went to a school with Happy for part two of a tobacco prevention activity. She sat, unsure of where she was/what to do, looking at the students... After a little while she got used to the environment and felt better! 2008-01-30-7597eyes.jpg

Work woooooooh

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 29, 2008 @ 5:19 pm
A lot of snow fell last night. And so this morning I had to shovel it away in order to be able to go to work with the car. Man! Shoveling is a tough task, like a real workout! I did that right when getting up. Then back inside I had brekky, showered, got dressed and left for work! Today at work was meetings... All day! The morning was this human systems intervention process (well kinda) with a HR consultant the hospital hired. At noon I had dinner with a colleague about a file we're working on together. And then in the arvo it was a team meeting, touching all different topics related to work. And tomorrow it's more meetings! Except tomorrow I'm also going to a school for part two of a tobacco prevention program. I have to remember that and get stuff ready! I feel like this week is overflowing with work, because two work days have been changed into meeting days! But my colleague told me today just do what I can... And it's so true! It can't be expected that I do everything I do in a normal five day week in three days! So breathe... Relax... The work day is over... Yay.

Special order

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 28, 2008 @ 7:39 pm
I got a special order from work! There's a Comité, my coworker is on it, and they give cards to some staff on occasions. They usually buy cards from Hallmark or from another lady who makes some. But now they've asked me! I ordered cards with Moo, using pics of the area. They arrived in the mail on Friday. Today I showed them to my coworker. She loved them! So I just ordered more. In total, it's 30 cards! It's a nice opportunity to get my pics out and about!

Bah, sad, catastrophic

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle @ 7:36 pm
Bah. Sigur Ros' Staralfur came on with shuffle on the iPod and it's making me sad. It's the perfect soundtrack for sadness and hope mixed together. If they come to Montreal when their new CD comes out, I hope I won't miss that gig! I'd be very disappointed. I wouldn't mind missing Muse or the 'Phonics, but Sigur Ros... That would be catastrophic! Ok, what really is catastrophic is Happy's evaluation quickly approaching. 21 dodos. I've got so much more I want to teach her! Like to be able to play without going overboard with excitement. Or does that only happen as she ages? I need a massage. And more friends.

Photoshoot and walk with Happy

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 27, 2008 @ 4:51 pm
I just came back from a long promenade outside. I drove to Brador with the car and from there took pics in different locations. I was gone from 15h to 16h30. Back home, just took off my boots and I can slowly feel my toes warming up... There's that tingly feeling! I took looottttsss of pics, so keep an eye on the Photoblog in the days to come! Before that I went out with Happy for her to run free a bit (after the leash walking outing earlier in the day). We went to our usual spot. And well Happy found a glove and she didn't want to come back to me, she just kept going further with the glove in her mouth, stopping, playing with it, running to another spot. It was not dangerous, it's a big field with no cars. But still! I tried to lure her back with branches, lying down on the snow, calling her name and clapping, etc, nothing did it! So I just started walking back to the car. And all of a sudden there was Happy, running hard as she could, coming to join me! I gave her two treats and praised her lots! She has to learn not to go crazy when she finds a "toy" outside!!!!

Toaster, scrapbook, Happy out

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon,Photography — Christelle @ 12:13 pm
I was up at 7h thanks to Happy. Her internal clock is really set for that time (weekday wake-up)! Grrrr! But I couldn't be mad long... The sun slowly rose, providing a beautiful orangy light while I toasted my bagels... 2008-01-27-7483-2.jpg I finished watching Sicko, it was an alright documentary. Then I also did some scrapbooking, two pages, from the end of May to mid June. Happy comfy at home... 2008-01-27-7484-2.jpg Happy on the go... 2008-01-27-7485-2.jpg This arvo I went out a bit for a walk with Happy. Then as I took the Christmas lights down. It was time. I attached Happy outside for her to play a bit in the snow, well supervised. 2008-01-27-7490-2.jpg

Zes quirks!

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle @ 10:53 am
The rules: * Link to the person that tagged you. * Post the rules on your blog. * Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. * Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. * Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website. Hmmm this is tough... Ok, let's try! 1. When moving to Blanc-Sablon, about half of my stuff and most furniture went into storage (books, CDs, memories, etc). Though it's not stuff I need often, I wonder how they are doing in their boxes. I feel like browsing through some CD booklets but I can't! Or looking through an old photo album! 2. Depending on how I'm feeling my handwriting really changes. Good thing this is a typed blog! 3. I started a Nicci French book AGES ago and haven't finished it yet. Thing is the story is kind of a thriller. And each time I pick it up again I forgot the beginning, so I start it over again. I think this happened 3 times or so. Also been reading the Anne Frank Diary for ages, in it's original Dutch version. Though I've recently picked that one up again. Then again, other books I read in a week... 4. I'm very picky about noises when eating, for example when someone eats the mouth opened or burps or whatever. Argh! 5. Recycling is deeply encrusted in me. And here in Blanc-Sablon there isn't any. And it hurts every time I throw a plastic or paper in the garbage! 6. In mom's car, the one I use here in Blanc-Sablon, there's either the radio or a tape. Thankfully I found an old Marilyn Manson tape of Antichrist Superstar and I listen to it when I'm driving and don't want to hear silence. Now, let's tag:,,,, and

Mon petit samedi… ménage, shopping, films

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon,Photography — Christelle January 26, 2008 @ 7:57 pm
Today I got up VERY early for a weekend morning, all thanks to Happy! But it was ok... It gave me time to do lotsa stuff. I started with a movie with brekky, The Simpsons Movie, to wake up slowly. Then I did cleaning. Usually it's dusting, vaccuum, floors, bathroom. But today I saw how dirty the bedroom door was, a bit lower than where the handle is... It's Happy! When I am not home and leave her here, I close the doors. She tries to open them...! So I checked the other doors and they needed a scrub too...! At around noon I went to get mom and we went down to Forteau (Labrador) for a bit of shopping! I did my buying at Penny Pincher, the local Dollarama. I wanted stuff for scrapbooking (the Happy scrapbook I'm working on) and craft stuff for work, but also got a few extra things like cute votive candles, heart shaped bowls (for V-day!) and note cards with a doggy on top! I can go quite wild in that kind of nick-nack shop, but I'd budgeted 40$ and spent about 37$ in the end! Good eh! Happy was curious to see what I'd bought... Including a little toy for her! 2008-01-26-7481-2.jpg After the shopping I started watching Sicko... Which I will finish tonight I guess! Ah! Evenings in Blanc-Sablon, so exciting... Happy Aussie Day too!


Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle @ 9:44 am
Recently at work some employees put together an idea... The "Secret Angels"! Everyone who put their names to participate were assigned an angel, someone they don't know who... And each month we give a little something to our person... The rules state there is a maximum value of 15$ for the monthly gift. I'm following that yea, but I'm not just going to buy a gift and wrap it. I want my gifts to be special, show that I've put thought and work into them. Last night I worked on my first gift! It's pretty. Today I'll go to the stores to see if I can find something to complete it... I can't wait to see what my angel does for me!

477, walk to work

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 22, 2008 @ 10:29 am
WTF? 477 spam messages in 2 hours?! All of failure notices/undelivered mails. Whoa. This morning I tried to power on the car at 8h. And it wouldn't. It doesn't like this cold. So I decided to head out with Happy and walk to mom's/work. It was cold! I was really warmly dressed: warm socks, Winter boots, pants, snowpants, 3 layers of top, Kanuk coat, fur hat, Kanuk's hood, scarf, mits. Brrrrrrrr! It took 30 minutes to get to destination in the cold (and wind!). Happy was there with me, motivating me to move forward! She was cold too! Her whole mouth area was full of ice and near the end she didn't want her paws on the ground anymore. But we made it!

VERY COLD! February town outing…

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 21, 2008 @ 7:14 am
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's -28°C outside, -43°C with the windchill (Westerly at 30km/h). VERY COLD! And last night the sky was amazing... The moon was so bright and high in the sky. And the stars were all sparkling. And here's a look at my February town outing... 17 February - Leave Blanc-Sablon, sleep at a Happy friendly place. 18 February - Happy goes to Mira, Montreal, sleep at my cousin's. 19 February - Montreal. 20 February - Leave Montreal, Cuba, sleep at the resort. 21 February - Cuba. 22 February - Cuba. 23 February - Cuba. 24 February - Cuba. 25 February - Cuba. 26 February - Cuba. 27 February - Leave Cuba, Montreal, drive to Quebec City, sleep at my bro's or aunt's. 28 February - Quebec City. 29 February - Quebec City. 1 March - Leave Quebec City, pick up Happy at Mira, Montreal, sleep at a Happy friendly place. 2 March - Leave Montreal, back to Blanc-Sablon.

Ark, hockey, cake

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle January 20, 2008 @ 3:19 pm
Yesterday I finished the touch-up paint on the house of the Ark project. And this morning I stuck on the little animals (printed from the computer). I like the finished product! With the Ark itself (that's already been delivered) and teddy bears in it, it will be pretty cool! 2008-01-20-7399-2.jpg This arvo I went to the arena to watch a bit of a hockey game... It was a Pakuashipi team (with St-Augustine too?) and a team from Old Fort (or maybe St-Paul's?). By the end of the first period the score was 4-0 against Pakuashipi! Happy didn't like it there, she was really nervous (puck noises against the boards I think). 2008-01-20-7438.JPG Then I went with Happy for a walk. She loves running free! And finally, I just made a homemade chocolate cake and syrup. Mmmmmm! Can't wait for it to be ready, in 6 minutes!

15 to 19 with no post! Wow!

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle January 19, 2008 @ 1:52 pm
Time flies on the weekend! It's already almost 14h... I've done quite a lot today... I watched one of my movies for the millionth time (Amelie), cleaned the house, did lots of laundry, had a big egg/toast/bacon brekky... This weekend there's a hockey tournament at the arena. I thought about going there for a look today/tonight. But it's not really nice outside with strong wind and low snowdrift. So I just feel like staying cozy at home in my fleece pants! Maybe I'll go tomorrow arvo for the tournament's finale game. Though I have no idea at what time it is. It's sucky... Last weekend I watched 4 movies from Zip I had received. I made sure to mail them back Monday morning to get new ones ASAP. But they didn't come in time for this weekend! Somewhere between Ottawa and Blanc-Sablon my movies are lonely in a mail bag. And I'm a bit bored because there isn't much on tele. Except tomorrow night, when it'll be The Amazing Race's season finale!


Filed under: Blanc-Sablon,Photography — Christelle January 15, 2008 @ 5:32 pm
This morning reading the weather forecast I knew my day at work would be cut short. They predicted 100km/h wind, up to 10 cm of snow, drifting snow... So I went in at 8h30 until 12h. I asked my boss to stay home for the arvo. By then most of my colleagues had already left (or not showed up at all that morning). At 12h the main road was closed. Sure, cars could maybe still pass, but the authorities were not going to pass with the snow removal equipment anymore. It's not so bad, I can see my neighbours' houses. And those in the distance a bit too. But from my living room window it's quite tough to see anything! 2008-01-16-7384.JPG I stayed home, napped from 13h to 15h, watched some tele in bed, went out 5 minutes with Happy... And now I'm cooking dinner: cod with mashed potatoes and green peas. 2008-01-16-7389.JPG I like snowstorm days off.
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