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Some pics I took today

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle April 30, 2007 @ 9:02 pm
I don't feel like doing my research paper. Instead I felt like messing around with some pics I took today in the bus en route to the dentist's. They aren't the most amazing, but they reflect this gloomy boring day for me. Spot a plane... Plane Are you Pat? Pat Garage door, antique doors... Doors I passed by this shop. On it some papers glued to the windows and some graffiti. I thought it was quite unusual. And wondered what happened. Only home did I hear about it on the news. This is Sarcozy's office in Montreal for the French electoral campaign. And I guess some people want him gone. Sarcozy's office

I haven’t finished it yet…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 5:27 pm
My paper's due tomorrow. And I haven't finished it yet. I still have to write the critique and the conclusion. It's soon dinner time. And I have no idea what I feel like eating. Well actually I do. But it's crap food, not a real dinner. I feel like having a piece of cake, some chips, snacks in general. But that's not healthy. And it won't give me energy. And I need energy for my paper. Because this afternoon I've been extra extra lazy! I took a nap from 14h to 16h... And now at 17h15 I still feel so sleepy. And I've got a bit of a headache. Maybe it's because I'm hungry. If only I had a personal chef! Totally unrelated is a news I just read online that Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's wife, will sell Cobain's stuff at auction. She said she'd give a part of the profit to charity, but still! She just tries all the time to make money off of her late husband. Grrrr!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:45 pm
What could I do with 1900$? Certainly a nice trip somewhere in Europe for a couple of weeks! Or a gigantic shopping spree! Or pay off some of my debts! But nope. I'm spending 1900$ on a pivot crown for one of my tooth. A while ago I got a root canal done... And now the crown is the final step to getting that tooth sorted out. It sucks! This morning I went for the first of two appointments, to get the prep work done and the mold cast. It was a long visit, over 2 hours! And the next meeting with my dentist is in two weeks' time. The good thing is that my mom's insurance should cover a part of that amount... I'll find out once the company's estimate is in.

C-, I did fail it afterall!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:15 pm
Well... Back on January 4th I was really happy because of a C-, when I thought I'd fail that class. Turns out I did fail it afterall! C- is a suitable mark for the bachelor's level, but apparently at the master's level a C is needed to pass! So... I have to take that class again this Summer. Until recently on my schedule the prof announced was the same one who gave me that C-. I didn't like her. She was so boring during lectures. And rigid. Last night when I checked my schedule again I saw the prof changed! It's another prof! YAY! YAY! YAY! So I have to redo a class, during Summer school, but at least it wont be the same annoying prof. So in the bad, there is some good!

Sun and Spring

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 29, 2007 @ 7:08 pm
Dinner was good. But I don't understand why I can never finish my chicken! There's just too much of it! I kept the leftover in the fridge and will make something with it tomorrow for lunch or so. The sun came out this evening! Yay! After a few days of rain/gray skies, the sun is saying hello. And I love the rays that are coming into my apartment. My mom told me today in Blanc-Salon the weather was amazing. She was sitting on her balcony, taking in the sun. The sea was clear and shiny like oil (no wind). The icebergs were drifting away. Some people were out in their boat enjoying the day. Mom thought she'd seen a whale. But I thought it was way too early. She went to get her spyglasses, but by then the "whale" had gone away. Spring time is beautiful in Blanc-Sablon, and I miss it. Lucky mom.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:05 pm
I'm starving. I want to go to St-Hubert to get some chicken for dinner. But first I'm feeding Happy. That way I'm doing "une pierre deux coups" when going out to get dinner, also letting Happy out at the same time! But cute little adorable Happy doesn't want to eat much tonight. She prefers to come in the living room and watch me. Or play catching her tail. Or just jump around everywhere. I tell her "Va manger Happy". She goes to eat 1-2 bites. Then plays more. What she doesn't know is time is counted. With the Mira technique I'll remove her food after 15-20 minutes. So she better go eat now! So that I can eat too!!!!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:35 am
On Saturday it's my birthday. A while ago I decided to organise a little something at my place to celebrate. So I invited friends/co-workers/family. And out of about 30 people, only 10 have replied they'd come. It sucks! Somehow I imagined a big gathering, and now it looks like it'll be smaller. It's alright. The people coming seem excited/happy to come, so I'm happy too! But it would be nice to have more people present! I want to have everyone I know/enjoy with me on my special day! Anyways... There is still some time, maybe more people will confirm they will come, but yea. We'll see! In the meantime I've got to finish my Sociology paper! But first some chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk!


Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle April 28, 2007 @ 11:12 am
This morning I went to 960 Louvain for the city's bike auction! I arrived early enough, toured the area, spotted interesting bikes. The ones I wanted... Lot numbers 67, 162, 166, 183 and 227. The auction started at 9h15. By 10h25 they were doing number 67! Finally! One I can bid on! And quickly it went up to 80$, my limit was 65$. The highest until then for other bikes was close to 600$, the lowest 10$. I didn't stay for the rest of the bikes. I only had the Communauto car until 11h. It was cold/rainy. I was freezing. Happy was also miserable, shivering in my arms. So I came back home. There's another auction on May 9th. Maybe I'll go. If there are some good bikes left after today! Crowd and bikes... Crowd The auction truck/lady and two hoods... Truck Happy in the car... Happy car Now, back to my Uni paper!

Great Big Sea

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 27, 2007 @ 4:36 pm
Great Big Sea is a Newfie band. They are quite popular back home in Blanc-Sablon. I've seen them once live, at the Salmon Festival! Their music is quite energetic, in a fun and light way! So just now... With this bad headache... I just felt like giving up... And not doing this paper... I put on some GBS music and now I feel a bit of energy! I still have my headache. But it's a happy headache now! "When I'm up I can't get down!" "Carry him to his burrying ground! We'll dig his grave with a silver spade!" "That's how they showed their respect for Patty Murphy!" "Luckey's boat is painted green! Ahah my b'ys!" It makes me want to get up and dance a jig! Lukey's Boat When I’m up


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 3:53 pm
I want to do my Sociology research. But I've got the WORSE headache ever. Still I can't waste time. Argh! Why can't I have this headache on May 1st, the paper's due date, instead????

It’s Friday

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 8:37 am
Yesterday it felt like Friday, this morning it feels like Saturday. But yesterday it was Thursday, and today it's Friday. Why is my internal clock all messed up? I'm going to head out to buy a gift for my dad. His birthday is on Wednesday. Even though he hasn't sent me any gift/card for a long while, even if he only has contact once in a while through email... I think it's important to let him know he's still important for me. And a gift for his birthday shows that well, right?! Happy's nuts. She likes scratching the floor with her front paws. Like if she was trying to get something (that really is not there). I have to stop her. She'll ruin the apartment otherwise! I slept last night from 22h to 7h45. I feel like a new person. I really needed the rest! Happy was good. It took her a while to go to sleep though. She wanted to chew stuff. Like my boxes under the bed. And the curtains. But then she understood it was bed time. And we both slept.

Happy: Candy store

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 26, 2007 @ 4:36 pm
So I just went to the candy store, with Happy. I knew exactly what I wanted, I was in and out within 1 minute. Still, the lady complained about Happy being in the store. As I came to the cash register to pay, she said "No dogs allowed, you should carry her in your arms" and I said "It's a Mira dog, she has to get used to all kinds of places" and the lady said "It's not allowed" so I replied "Even if it would be a blind person with their guide dog?" and she said "Yes, it's not me that makes the rules." She gave me my change, had SO MUCH difficulty wishing me a good day, I did too, and left. It makes me not want to eat my candy. That someone would be so ignorant about letting Happy do her job. It makes me not ever want to go back to that store. But it's a candy store! And I need candy! So... It's a dilemma.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 2:57 pm
This morning I went to Uni to hand in my PLU Ethnicity and Society paper. I finished it yesterday before going to the gig. The next paper I have to tackle is the SOL Sociology of Development paper. I'm working on the World Bank and it's policies for the environment. It's due on May 1st, so I've got 1 afternoon and 4 days left. Really not much time! I'd like to start on it right now. But I'm exhausted! Happy didn't let me sleep this morning... Grrrrrrrr! I feel like eating some strawberry marshmellow candies. But there aren't any left. I should go to the candy store for a refill! I also feel like eating some home-made french fries.

Modest mouse pics

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 2:13 pm
I took some pics at the gig last night! The band playing... Band playing The crowd... Crowd All of them (12) here.

Modest Mouse

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:33 am
I'm back from the Modest Mouse gig! I went there at about 21h15. The second opener was quite entertaining! Their music reminded me of clown music. They were all dressed in white. And had white painting on the face too. It was funny. Then at around 22h10 the guys from Modest Mouse came on! But before that, a few seconds before, a girl walked by. Her eyes were rolling, she was leaning weirdly. She was definitely on something hard! She fell about 4 meters away from me. No one around her did anything. So I was about to go help her. But then the band came on stage! I doubted going for a split second, and during that time the girl in front of me went to help the fallen girl. Good! I could enjoy the band without feeling bad/worried! The crowd around me was really into them! They played 3-4 old songs, and the rest I knew from their two last CDs. My fave song of the evening was "Bury me with it." I wish they would have played "Parting of the Sensory" but nope! The crowd went nuts for "Dashboard." For the encore they waited reaaaaaaallyyyyy long! Geez! But yea. All good in the end. Now a bowl of cereals and then bed. I know Happy, she's going to wake me up EXTRA early tomorrow morning... And I need sleep!
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