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Watching the sunlight dissapear…

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle March 31, 2007 @ 7:18 pm


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 4:22 pm
The only thing missing on my balcony is a barbecue. I've got flowers (coming soon), chairs, stuff to look at, but no barbecue! If I had one I'd grill a good steak on there tonight, with some veggies in a aluminium package and bingo! Dinner! I'll look into getting one. First I have to ask if it's allowed. I don't have the sheet of rules for the building... Then I have to find a good one cheap enough. I think propane would be the best option for me, I like charcoal but the time it takes to be ready and the fact that I'm only grilling for one seems like a waste. Now back to my chair and car/people watching! The sun is about to go down and I want to enjoy its last moments of shine.

Playing babyfoot aka foosball

Filed under: Montreal,Video — Christelle @ 1:01 pm

Waky waky

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 11:56 am
11h30 my mom calls me from Quebec City (she's there on holiday, coming to MTL Thursday-Friday!) while I'm still in deep sleep. I thought I better get up though, I don't want to loose my whole morning and have the day's schedule screwed up because of it! So awake now. And it's a beautiful sunny day outside. I'm happy. I feel like sitting on my balcony with my laptop to do my homework today!

Resto, hockey et tralala

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 4:10 am
First stop, a nearby rendez-vous spot where Sam and David, friends of Jean-Luc, picked me up. Then we drove, and drove, and drove, all the way to the end of the world! Actually no, but we went to Anjou. For the second stop, Boston Pizza. Jean-Luc, a bunch of his friends and I ate dinner while watching the Sens beat the Habs real bad. I had a pizza, 2 Stellas and a chocolate dessert (and sadly I was too full to finish it all!!!)... Third stop, after loosing some players (the girls went home, except me! I didn't feel like going home yet!!), was Boule Noire, back in the more real Montreal. The babyfoot tables were monopolized by Jean-Luc and company! I tried a game but quickly decided it wasn't for me, with all these "pros" waiting to play! Later, all of the group had gone home but three: Gab, Gab and I. So we played pool, I teamed up with one of the Gab's. It was fun, I sucked, but I enjoyed playing still! And after pool we played babyfoot too! A bit past 3h, we were the last patrons to leave the place. Fourth and final stop, home! I took the night bus and it went quite well! I like saving the money from a taxi! All in all a nice evening out. And tomorrow, back to my good student me, and hopefully get some homework done! But today I received DVDs I want to watch: "Beerfest" (started watching earlier, seemed sucky, but yea), 'Un long dimanche à Kigali" and "Fast Food Nation."

Gate, clothes and food

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle March 30, 2007 @ 3:32 pm
So today I went to a mall to get a few things. My first stop was at Sears to buy a gate. When I get my puppy I will put him/her in the kitchen area when I leave. There it's ceramic tiles, easier to clean... And there isn't anything he/she can chew on/destroy. So yea, back home I installed the gate to close off the kitchen area and it fits! Yay! Gate My next stop was H&M where I bought a few items... A pair of longish/dressy shorts and some simple tops, one blue/turquoise, one gray with black stripes and one baby blue. Clothes My third stop was the grocery store for some food! Can't live without food. And since I'm home all weekend, until class on Tuesday, I need good stuff in my fridge/pantry!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 9:36 am
It's my fourth Summer at my Summer job, so it's been a while! I enjoy the work. But the fourth year I would have liked a bit of change. So a couple of weeks ago I applied to work at a different department, doing an entirely different assignment. But this morning I got the news that I was not chosen! So I'll be back to my usual assignment for the Summer. It's alright, I do enjoy that work as well, but change would have been nice! So now I have to change my frame of mind, I was focusing on the new assignment, but it won't happen, so I have to start imagining my Summer more like last Summer. I'll be happy to see my colleages again, they are really nice people. I'll be happy to be in the neighbourhood again, I like that part of Montreal. I'll be happy to be outdoors, as Summer in Montreal is amazing.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 29, 2007 @ 12:59 pm
I don't know what to wear. Can I go out naked?


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:03 pm
I don't feel like going to class today. I feel like hanging out on my balcony, drinking some beer, watching the people go by.

Music and sun

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:30 am
I really like Matt Good's song Dusk, available on his website for download (once you register, in community, download). Wow. And I'm now listening to the new Youth Group CD, to get myself ready for the April 4th gig. Too bad it's on the same night as the YULBlog... So I won't be able to go meet fellow bloggers this month! Another nice and sunny day! Yesterday I stayed home in my pjs all day so didn't get to enjoy the nice weather. Today I've got errands and class, so I have to get dressed. And go out. And the sun will shine on me. And make me feel nice and warm. I love sun. I love Spring. And I love that Summer is coming. I can't wait to put my flowers on my balcony (and this year I'll also put flowers in the carré d'arbre in front of my balcony on the sidewalk). I can't wait to go to the pool. I can't wait to go jogging with my puppy out in the park. I can't wait to be on holiday from Uni.

Bloc Party: Video

Filed under: Montreal,Video — Christelle March 28, 2007 @ 9:26 pm
Seems my laptop is too old to edit big videos. It kept crashing or giving me a virtual memory too low message! Grrr! Finally I was able to do something, and had to save the thing in two parts. So, clips from last night's gig in a quick montage... Part 1:

Part 2:


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:09 pm
When you wake up at 12h06, the day is much shorter! It's now 18h08 and I feel just ready to start working on my Uni stuff (after waking up, having brekky, getting dressed, sorting out a few emails for Uni, talking with a couple of people on the phone, reading blogs, etc). But the day is almost over already!!! Good thing waking up at noon isn't part of my usual habits! And I'm still so much under the buzz of last night's Bloc Party gig, listening to their 2 CDs, remembering it all. I am so not in the mood for Uni work!

Bloc Party: Setlist and pics

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 5:17 pm
Here's my attempt at recalling last night's Bloc Party setlist (might be missing a song or so?)... Gig 1. Song For Clay (Disappear Here) 2. Positive Tension 3. Blue Light 4. Hunting for Witches 5. Waiting for the 7.18 6. Banquet 7. Where is Home? 8. This Modern Love 9. The Prayer 10. Uniform 11. So Here We Are 12. Like Eating Glass First encore 13. I Still Remember 14. She's Hearing Voices (singer down near the crowd!) 15. SRXT 16. Helicopter (speeded up version!) Second encore 17. Pioneers Crowd surfing on SRXT... All of my pics are here. Crowd surfing I also wanted to upload a video with clips of the show but my laptop is being sucky and not letting me save it. Grrr...

Bloc Party

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:38 am
Wow. Wow. Wow. Just back home from the Bloc Party gig at the Metropolis. Wow. First off, the first opener, a local band whose name I don't know. They sucked. Plain and simple. The basist looked trapped in the 80's with his tight shirt, leather coat and long blond hair. Yuck. That made me dislike them. I was down on the floor, 2nd row. But it was not even one hour into the evening and I was already tired of standing. So I made my way up to the balcony and tried to find a spot. The place was packed, but eventually I did, last row, centre. Not a bad place. And much comfier with a table/counter/place to lean on (they took the benches to sit on away!). Then the second opener. They were much better. I actually enjoyed them, and more and more as the set went on. And time for BLOC PARTY! They were amazing! They played an happy mix of old and new songs. The new songs sounded much like the CD, older songs had their twist of time. I liked their set, lots of energy. As they came back on stage for the encore the singer thanked us for being the best crowd of the tour so far! Yay! Montrealers do rule at gigs! They did 3 songs for the encore. Then the venue started to open the lights, to signal the end. But the band came on for another song!!! Yay! A second encore!!! Lights off again! Sadly after that it was really over and music from Grease started playing. Funny band members came out, dancing around the stage in a line, holding hands! It shows how much they really do enjoy performing, and wanted to do a final funny goodbye! I walked to Berri metro to go home. There a man was asking people for two quarters. I had my free meal cards with my metro pass (I keep them there, it's quick and handy) so I gave him one, saying "here, for breakfast tomorrow." He said happy "ohhh it's the Itinéraire thing, right?!" Yep! It was my first time handing out a card and it felt great. I'll work on the pics and video from tonight's gig tomorrow, now I need to rest.

Old pictures

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle March 27, 2007 @ 10:41 am
A bit of fun this morning playing around with two old pictures (well not that old, from February). Apartment building... Building Warehouse... Warehouse Both taken on a bus, hence the weird dots all over!
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