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Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 28, 2006 @ 10:12 pm
Tonight I don't know why I started to think about giving blood. I've done it a couple of times already a few years ago... But not ever since. I've meant to do it again but somehow never did. I think it's one of the best things we can truly give to someone. So I started to research on the Internet about giving blood just for fun... And one question that I had was how much blood is there really inside me? I found out that with my height and weight I've got approximatively 3.5 liters of blood in my body. I thought... Wow! That's not really much! I thought I had way more! Crazy!

Kasabian photographs

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle September 27, 2006 @ 4:44 pm
Some photographs of last night's concert... Kasabian Kasabian Kasabian

Kasabian in Montreal!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:27 am
I just came back from the Kasabian concert. I left home at around 21h. I arrived at the venue around 21h25... Picked up my ticket from the booth (a lot of people were trying to buy them then too but they were sold out)... And went to the balcony. The floor was jammed packed. But not the balcony! I sat 3rd row to watch the second opening band... Which did an ok job. Then before Kasabian came on I spotted an empty seat first row, almost centre! So I asked if it was free... And it was! That's the only advantage of going to a concert solo... Easy to find a good seat even if you arrive at the last minute! Kasabian came on and gave a good performance. It wasn't as good as the first time I'd seen them live a few years ago. But it wasn't bad either. It just seemed the new songs were not as "gelled" as the older ones. Which is normal too... It's the beginning of their tour! One of the guitarists could not play during a whole song... The guitar tech was there trying to fix it... I would have been pissed if it was my equipment not working but my band members continued playing! Sure that's the best for the show but crap for that guitar player! They finally fixed it and it was all back to normal. They left the stage under a thunder of clapping but did not come out for an encore! Sucks! Still it was about 1h30 long so I guess a "normal" lenght. I'm glad I went even though I was exausted. And not feeling too well/sociable. It made me forget everything for a couple of hours.

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 23, 2006 @ 3:09 pm
What can I do...

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Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 22, 2006 @ 7:55 am
I slept again from 5h to 7h45. But oops! I was meant to get up at 7h! I didn't hear the alarm when it went off! So at 7h45 I have to eat breakfast and get ready for school quickly! This is usually the time I'd leave to go to Uni!!! I guess I'll be 10-15 minutes late to class. Which is super unusual for me!!!

It’s 4h and I’m wide awake

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 4:01 am
I went to bed at 22h30. It's 4h and I'm wide awake. I got up at around 3h because I had to go use the bathroom. Then back in bed... Trying to fall asleep... Twisting... Turning... Nope. Can't sleep. So at 3h45 I got up and out of bed. I opened the tele and the computer. Now I'm really hungry. Maybe I can eat something and then try to go back to sleep on the futon. It's often like this the night before a big event... For example before I go on a holiday/trip I can never sleep! Or today's big event... My boyfriend coming back!

Weekend class

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 20, 2006 @ 9:40 am
At my new University there is a cultural activies service... They offer classes in different things: languages, photography, crafts, dance, communication, music, etc. I had taken a class before when I was not a student... It was processing black & white negatives and making prints. It had cost more than 100$ for the two days session. And I forgot most of it because I never went back to the dark room to practice some more! But I decided to take another class! It'll be at the end of the month. It cost way less now that I am a student there... Which is good! I'll be doing a weekend class on how to process coloured photographs from the negatives. It should be interesting!

Not working anymore!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 19, 2006 @ 7:51 pm
The past two days I've been super busy with work. So I worked Monday morning from 7h30 to 13h30 and then this morning I had a class from 8h30 to 11h15 with work from 15h to 20h. So I haven't had much time to do anything. I've decided not to continue working this semester after all. It's not worth it. The money I'm making I'm loosing on my financial aid bursary money! So I'm working for nothing in the end... And it's taking time away from my studies/readings/school work. It is fun work though so I'll miss it. And downtown is a neat place to work. And my coworkers are nice. But oh well. I'll work again in the New Year. I'm too tired to make dinner right now though I'm really hungry. I wish my boyfriend would make me something nice to eat! He's a good cook.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 17, 2006 @ 10:02 pm
I went to work today from 12h to 17h... And then at home I had a really bad headache! I took an Advil. Then I made dinner because I thought hunger might be the reason for the headache. I made salmon and a rice with sautéed vegetables in it. I still had my headache... So I took a Tylenol and a second Advil. And finally now 2 hours later the headache is kind of gone. It's probably a headache for many reasons: stress (school, work, boyfriend coming back...), tired (got up early and walked a lot at work...), hungry (didn't eat anything after late breakfast and got home starving...), and more. Now I will get my things ready for tomorrow morning. I have an early start... I have to be at work for 7h30!!! So I will get up at 6h!

When it’s almost there…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 16, 2006 @ 9:34 pm
You wait and you wait for something. When it's almost there... When the waiting is almost over... It feels like it's twice as long! What once felt like a normal time period now feels multiplied by 100! My boyfriend lent me his videocamera. I thought I'd use it to record myself in some sort of video diary but I didn't. I tried once but didn't like it. I recorded my cat playing. But then I had to bring him back and the video just made me sad. So I just recorded blank over it all. Today I did a bit of running, I read a bit of Droit International for Uni, I made an okay dinner, I passed the Swiffer broom around the house... So some productive stuff. I also "wasted" time watching a movie, When a Stranger Calls, and television, including a documentary called No Place Called Home. It was so sad to see how some people live in our own country of oh so wealthy and nice place to be Canada. Tomorrow I'm going to work from 12h to 18h (though the end time might be changed, a shorter shift). It's the introduction meeting for the work I'll be doing Mondays and Tuesdays until December. So it'll be interesting to find out exactly what the work will entail. And tomorrow night is the season première of THE AMAZING RACE! I'm excited about that. I so wish I could be a participant on the show. They only take people with a damn USA passport! And I don't have that! I wish some Canadian TV channel would make a Canadian edition! I'm listening to iTunes on shuffle. I love it. It's (almost) my whole music collection and it's making me listen to some songs I haven't heard in ages. It's as if iTunes knew which songs I felt like listening to... I feel like being at a Rammstein concert. Just like at the Rock Werchter festival in 2005. A ton of people. Loud music. People enjoying themselves. And a spectacular show. I remember that I was a bit sick at the end of the concert. I did not sit much throughout the day... The field there was so muddy because of rain. I did not eat/drink much either because I didn't feel like buying these "jetons" you needed to get food/drinks so I only ate what I had with me. So at the end of the concert I was feeling sick to my stomach, like I wanted to throw up. I started walking back to the bus stop far from the field during the encore. I feel I missed out on some songs. So I wish I could go back there tonight. I feel up for it 100%! Anyways... I just feel like writing more on here because I'm sitting alone in my apartment. I don't have any one to chat with. I've called my mom twice today. My brother is tired of me calling him (he's not the chatty type). And I don't really have friends that I've kept close (sadly) to call up any time of day.

So I got two. Yay!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:59 pm
It took me over 50 minutes to access the tickets sale website. By that time the blue and gray sections were sold out for the game I wanted (against the Maple Leafs) so I went with the Zone Molson Ex and there were still tickets! So I got two. Yay! My only concern is this area... Will it be filled by crazy drunken fans? Will I be able to see the game well? We'll see! Usually I go towards the end of the season but this time my tickets are for end October. I'm looking forward to it! 6 dodos.

Time forwarding machine

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 15, 2006 @ 8:07 pm
It's funny how my mood changes so quickly. I spent a really nice afternoon... But now I'm bored. There are tons of things I could be doing (run, watch a movie, do some crafts/painting, read for school, cook...) but I don't feel like doing any. I feel like forwarding time to exactly a week from today. I wish someone had a machine to forward time. I think I'd use it.

Email etiquette, The Last Kiss

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 5:20 pm
To begin with something I don't understand. I wrote an email to someone at my current University. They replied but also added a whole paragraph on "email etiquette." Apparently my email wasn't up to the standard. It was missing the opening greeting, the name of the person, a salutation and my name at the end. Now why is that necessary? My name is in the "From" line. And the rest shouldn't be compulsory! Email is made to be quick. When you're in a hurry who cares about writing "Thank you and have a good weekend." Anyways... It surprised me. It's the first person who ever tried to teach me about "email etiquette." Ok... Now the rest... I've had a nice afternoon. I first stopped at Concordia to get a transcript request in. I had to wait 20 minutes but it wasn't that bad. It actually felt good to be back at the Birks Student Centre... A place I knew... Somewhere I'd gone a few times before... Then I went to buy a white zipper top. I like these zipper tops because I can layer them over a tank top or a simple tshirt. I had a few in different colours but sometimes I need something more neutral so I found a white one! After that I went to see a movie... The Last Kiss (movie trailer here). It was quite nice... Simple story... Good music... Nice actors... The kind of movie that is nice watching when you just want something easy. The movie was filmed in the province of Québec. I saw something during the movie which was "funny"... In the movie someone's father dies. They are coming to the house to offer condoleances. And in that house one scene is in the kitchen. On the fridge there is a sticker. It reads 280-2222. That's the non-emergency number to reach the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal. Now why would someone supposedly in Wisconsin have that sticker on their fridge??! Ok... Apart from the sticker the rest was quite nice. I'm glad I went.

Canadiens tickets

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 14, 2006 @ 7:31 pm
On Saturday tickets for the Canadiens go on sale. I want to get two this year... For my boyfriend and I! Usually I get a pretty decent ticket for myself... Reds A or I even did Prestige one year. I go to one game a year and pay more to be closer. But this year I don't think I'll do that... Getting two tickets instead of one would mean a lot more money and also if I want to be able to do other things I have to put a limit somewhere, my budget isn't unlimited. So I think I'll go with either in the Whites, Grays or Molson Ex Zone. Thing is I've never been up that high. I don't know what is the difference with my usual tickets. Is it worth the savings? Would I still be able to see well enough? I wonder... I'll try and figure it out some more before the tickets go on sale Saturday.
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