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Owen Wilson

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 31, 2006 @ 12:07 pm
Yesterday I went to see a movie at AMC with my boyfriend... It was You, Me and Dupree with Owen Wilson. Then we went to go see a second movie...! The cinema was almost empty, so why not. We went to see the animated movie Cars... And it was funny because the voice of Lightning McQueen was also Owen Wilson! That's a lot of the same actor in one day...!

Not so bored afterall…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 29, 2006 @ 12:55 pm
Afterall I'm not that bored! I fixed my plants outside and dusted off the balcony at the same time, I cleaned the kitchen, I made a chocolate cake. I will now shower, get dressed and head out to buy a frame for a photograph. A collegue from work also called. She wanted me to take her fireworks shift for tonight but I politely declined. Then she called again asking if I wanted to make a switch, she'd take my Gay parade shift of tomorrow and I'd take her shift of Thursday. I accepted that proposition! So now I've got a real two days long weekend! Yay!

Que faire…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:40 am
Je m'emmerde un peu ce matin... Je pourrais faire plein de choses plus ou moins intéressantes (promenade, m'occuper de mes fleurs sur le balcon, préparer les MP3 dans Itunes pour mettre sur mon Ipod, nettoyer la cuisine, aller à la piscine, etc) mais je suis encore en pyjama et je n'ai pas le goût de rien faire! Pour une fois que j'ai une journée de congé! J'ai hâte à lundi pour le concert de Muse au Vieux-Port. Et aussi il ne reste que 22 dodos avant mon voyage vers Blanc-Sablon!

Bed time!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 28, 2006 @ 11:24 pm
I'm about to go to bed. Good night! PS: I feel like shoe shopping. PPS: I feel like reading a book. PPPS: I feel like baking a cake. PPPPS: I'm too tired for any of the above right now!

Roses, OSM and driving lessons!

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 10:24 am
Yesterday morning I watched a movie, Chumscrubber, which was good enough! Then I showered, got dressed and finished the detailed planning of the Blanc-Sablon roadtrip. Later in the afternoon my boyfriend came to my place! He was carrying a bag with cooking gear for the meal I wanted to make and in the other hand he had a flower! A nice rose plant!!! I was surprised and happy! Especially because there was no special occasion, at least not one that I know of! I loved it. My boyfriend took a nap... And I made dinner because I wasn't sleepy/tired! I prepared a greek salad, salmon, rice with veggies, sliced some fresh bread. It was an alright meal! My boyfriend had brought dessert, some layered cake with tiramisu filling, very yummy! Roses After dinner we left for Parc Maisonneuve where the OSM was playing a concert. We got there and it had started already but I managed to sneak up a bit to the front (I wanted to be able to see the musicians/conductor!). I found a spot big enough to put the blankie and we sat. Next to us there was a couple with an Asian adopted little girl. At first she was ok but then got restless and kept talking. So they left. And we got more space to get really comfy! I liked the show a lot! Especially the music from movies (Star Wars, Schindler's List and Indiana Jones) because it's so unusual to hear those live! But it was all good! After the show we came to my place so that I could change my flip flops to shoes better suited to driving manual. Then off to the parking lot for the lesson! I drove around for about 30 minutes and the car died 5 times... Mostly going from neutral/stationary to 1st gear. Grrr! It was fun though! It's a lot more coordination than automatic... Thinking about the clutch and the gears all the time! I'm pretty good at changing from 1st to 2nd... That went mostly smoothly. Then off to my boyfriend's place for the night! It was nice because it had been such a long time since I'd been to his apartment! This morning he had work early (7h) so we were out of the house a bit passed 6h. I got home and slept a bit more, until 9h... Today I'm working too but from 12h to 20h30.

Roadtrip ahead!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 26, 2006 @ 10:47 pm
I'm going on a roadtrip to Blanc-Sablon on August 20th and I'm super excited! Today I booked everything, hotels/b&b's for on the way and boats. I'm ready to go! But still have a few dodos to wait...! Tomorrow my boyfriend will give me my first manual driving lesson. I hope it will go well...! I want to learn to be able to help him with the driving on the roadtrip if needed!

Famous/known person

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 25, 2006 @ 8:51 pm
While at work it happens I see a famous/known person, it might be from TV, movies or politics for example. Today I saw an actress I knew from the Quebec TV series "Nos Étés" walking on the street, talking to some French dude. I didn't know her name until Google helped me find it... It was Karine Lemieux. A week ago I saw Janine Sutto and Rebecca from Musique Plus on Ste-Catherine Street. Over the years I've also seen politicians like Paul Martin, Jean Charest... Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve... Quebec singer Éric Lapointe... And more that I forget now...! All while at work!

Mexican Ipod at the pool!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 24, 2006 @ 9:29 pm
Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day! My boyfriend joined me late morning... And then the day was filled with stuff! First we went to buy my Ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the video Ipod 30 gigs. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Then we came back to my place, changed into swimming gear and headed to the Parc Jarry pool. You have to pay an admission fee but it's nice because that way it's less crowded! I enjoyed swimming around (on my own or with my boyfriend), sitting in the sun, etc. After that we stopped by the supermarket to get some Mexican beers. Then at my place we (well mostly my boyfriend) prepared a meal... Fajitas! It was a lot of different things to get ready but fairly quick and easy! We put a latin music channel on, opened up a beer and ate our Mexican meal! It was 'almost' like being there! Mmm delicious! And of course later also a tartelette for dessert! We went to rent a movie, Weather Man. But I was so full with that delicious Mexican meal and also had spent a lot of energy during the day... I didn't want to move anymore so it was nap time! After nap we watched the movie. Then I showered. Then we went to bed after playing around a bit with the Ipod. In my dreams I probably dreamt about the Ipod. I've been wanting to get it for so long and I finally did!!

Books, tartelettes and Toronto pics!

Filed under: Montreal,Photography,Travel — Christelle July 21, 2006 @ 8:42 pm
I almost burned my house down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I didn't. Stupid candle. Early morning my boyfriend phoned me to say he was going to buy 1000 books for 50$ at some guy's place. And a bit later he showed up at my house his car filled with boxes of books. He asked if I felt like helping him with his books. So we put the boxes on my balcony... And went to get a second load! Then back at my place we starting sorting through it all. Sure there was a lot of crap! We threw a lot away to the recycling bin. But also there were some nice finds! We got through about half of the books before it was time for my boyfriend to leave for work. He kept 2 boxes of books for him and two to maybe sell again. We still have the other half of the books to sort through! And it's harder than it seems... The boxes are heavy, the books are a bit dusty. The boxes are now on my balcony. I tried covering them up a bit with some plastic in case it rains but they are still out in the open... I hope it won't rain!!! I kept a few books from today... Mostly old neat books, not really to read. Books I just made tartelettes au sucre! I had a bit of the filling... Mmmm delicious! And it smells so good! But I can't have one yet because they have to cool off in the fridge before. Tartelettes And I've put my Toronto photos online! Toronto

Blanc-Sablon video

Filed under: Blanc-Sablon — Christelle July 20, 2006 @ 9:53 pm
My hometown Blanc-Sablon is a little village most people have only maybe heard the name once but have no idea where it is, how big, etc. It's not featured on the tele often. But with the Internet comes the next best thing... Online videos! Someone from back home sent me the link to a video some dude (Dominic Leclerc) made. It is really neat! So have a look at Blanc-Sablon through his eyes. I like the interviews he did with the locals. And the nice images. Very well made.


Filed under: Montreal,Travel — Christelle @ 1:19 pm
Tuesday morning I left for Toronto with my boyfriend! He drove, I was the navigator. Getting off of the island was sucky because of rain, traffic and construction but after the drive went smoothly. I like travelling by car with my boyfriend. We chat a lot, listen to music, eat snacks, etc. I had brought watermelon and that was yummy! We stopped once for a fuel/drinks stop. And later we stopped to eat sandwiches I had prepared for lunch as well. In Toronto at around 14h we checked in at the hotel. We rested a bit and then headed out to see the city! As we were walking around trying to find a nice place to eat I was taking photographs. And all of a sudden my camera died. The shutter was open but wasn't working anymore. It didn't want to shut off either. I changed the batteries but that did nothing. I was really sad! I wanted to be able to take photographs of our trip! And we hadn't even seen the CN Tower yet! I cried a bit! But my boyfriend was so sweet, making me feel better, buying a little disposable camera for me. I loved him for that. I felt a bit better. We asked a lady at the information desk of some building if she knew of a good place to eat nearby. She directed us to the Casey's. We both didn't feel too adventurous with food and wanted something good and simple. We sat outside on the terasse with a pretty view (for me anyways). I decided to try out my camera again and to my surprise it worked again! It was revived! I was so happy!!!!!!! I had a steak with rice and my boyfriend baby back ribs. I tasted one of his ribs and it was the first time I had that and loved it! Two Stellas completed the meal. Next time I'll have those!! But my meal was delicious as well. After the meal it was time for the baseball game! So we headed towards the stadium. The Rogers Centre was not so full for the Blue Jays - Texas Rangers game but it was nice anyways! The atmosphere, the crowd cheering on the team, the music during the breaks, etc. There were two kids sitting behind us who kept us entertained as well, especially when the boy decided to "search for money" around the free seats! Near the end of the game my boyfriend got a hotdog (have to follow the tradition!) and we got a cool softdrink. The game went by quickly enough. Too bad the Jays lost! We walked back to the hotel and I slept alright until the morning! Wednesday morning we got up at around 7h and got ready for the day. We headed out and decided to have Tim Hortons and sit at the Yonge-Dundas Square to eat! It was nice with the cute water fountains. I had a cinnamon roll and a part of a chocolate chip muffin with a small hot chocolate. Some freak sitting at a table nearby kept looking at me/smiling. It made me feel uncomfortable so I switched seats with my boyfriend so that the freak could only see my back! Take that! With a full belly we left to go walk a bit around town and take photographs. We walked along Queen Street with the nice castle like building, the parks, fountains, etc. We headed towards the CN Tower but then the sun wasn't on the right side so we went down under the overpass to the other side. We took neat photographs with the tower, especially my boyfriend! He's always so creative with his photo poses! Then we walked to the Harbour Front. And took a cab back to the hotel. We rested a bit in the room before final packing, checking out and leaving. Using Mapquest I had only printed out the directions from Montreal to Toronto, thinking just reverse these to come back! My boyfriend wished I had printed the other directions as well. But together we're a great team, him driver, me navigator and we were out of the city in no time! On track to Montreal! The drive back went super smooth! For a little while we were behind a Nissan Murano from Nova-Scotia which had a really good pace but my boyfriend decided all of a sudden to pass him and go in front! We stopped once for 30 minutes to get food/gas, we left at 11h and were in my apartment a bit before 17h. So in great time! I am happy I went to Toronto with my boyfriend. Can't wait for the next road trip... This time to Blanc-Sablon!


Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle July 17, 2006 @ 2:35 pm
This morning I got up really early, at around 6h50! I had gone to bed at 22h so I guess I had enough sleep! I lazied around the house and left late morning to go shopping! I usually enjoy downtown/Ste-Catherine to shop but there is not the store I wanted to go to there! It's called H&M and it's only at shopping centres outside the centre. So I went to the Galeries D'Anjou, 2 metros and 1 long bus ride. It was worth it! I got a pair of pants, 2 tank tops and 1 polo at H&M. And then I went walking some more in other stores and found 2 camisoles and 1 tee at Old Navy. I hadn't gone shopping since London (1 month and 2 weeks ago) so I needed it! Shopping

2 x 12 hours

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 15, 2006 @ 8:15 pm
Work this weekend was crazy. I was at the street sale on Ste-Catherine. Saturday was long. People crossing on any light, cars honking with impatience, hot, humid. Thankfully there was a bit of rain to help cool me down! I got home and my back, legs, feet and head were all hurting. But I was happy to have done a 12.5 hours shift! So before coming back home I stopped at a market to buy some blueberries (small and tiny ones from Lac St-Jean) and watermelon. I like eating the blueberries with milk and a bit of sugar. I got that from my childhood when I went to my dad's family in La Tuque and we had a lot of delicious berries available... Just had to go out near the house to pick them! I went to bed at 21h30 and slept until 5h10! It was delicious sleep. Sunday was long as well. I was at a street corner with a co-worker from my usual work area which was nice! We get along well usually, have lots to chat about, so the day went by more quickly. Then again the conditions outside were more difficult with the sun shining and A LOT more people shopping! We calculated the time for each light change, 35 seconds for Ste-Catherine and 35 seconds for the cross street. That's about 1000 changes in one work day, each time making sure pedestrians stop or cars wait/go, and everyone is safe. I was glad when it was 17h30 and the street was cleared and cleaned. I'm proud of myself for doing these two 12 hour shifts (standing up the whole time!!) this weekend! I'm glad it's over.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle July 14, 2006 @ 5:06 pm
I am working at 7h downtown tomorrow. But the thing is I have to go to my workplace first at 6h. And leave from there after I've changed into my uniform. So that means I have to leave home at around 5h10! And will be getting up at 4h30!!! That's for tomorrow Saturday as well as Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Plus the weather predictions are really not what I'd like them to be... It will be way too hot and humid! I will be so tired after this weekend. But it will give me precious money. So I'll go. In a way I can't wait to be done with school and find a real job. But then again I love studying and learning new things.


Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 9:55 am
Last night at work I got pricked twice by mosquitoes. Both on my left hand, one on my ring finger and the other on the knuckle of my little finger. And right now this morning the two bites are so itchy! I am trying not to scratch but it's hard! I wish I had some Benadryl ointment to put on it! I'll just have to tough it out! Bites
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