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5 dodos, birthday souvenirs, people around me & my balcony

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 30, 2006 @ 1:41 pm
5 dodos before my birthday! And still no celebration plans have been made. I remember one year I was here alone in Montreal. I didn't get any real wrapped gifts. I didn't get a cake/something sweet. My mom had sent a card in the mail and phoned me. And I had gotten an "indirect" birthday gift (though I don't remember what it was anymore). But it did not feel like my birthday! As a kid I remember my birthday was the greatest thing! I had friends over at home. My mom made/bought a nice cake. I got gifts. I played games with my friends. My 1 year birthday cake was a Joe Louis with a candle on top. Then another nice one at about 5 years old was a two-storey cake with coloured bubble gums all over it! And later during adolescence I thought it was nicer to have a chocolate fondue with nice fruit rather than a cake. But still, always something sweet! Anyways... I hope I have a nice day this year for my birthday! I don't know if it's just me... But sometimes after talking on the telephone with someone I feel like that person isn't so cheery and I feel bad having hung up without really asking how she/he was doing. I hate feeling crappy. And it makes me sad when I get the feeling people around me are feeling crappy/sad/angry/annoyed/etc. But maybe I also read it wrong and they are just tired. It's so hard reading people! Everyone is so different! And really I only know me well. Or do I even know me? I just spent some time studying for my upcoming Italian exam sitting outside on my balcony. I like it but it's just a bit more elevated than street level. So people passing by in their cars or people walking look/talk/are nosy. In 1 hour two people talked to me... A lady from her car asking "Vous savez pour le 31/2 à louer?" No! I don't! Do I look like the superintendent of this building? Call the freaking numbr! And the next one was some little Asian man passing by on foot "So, you like it there?" Me nodding and continuing my work. Then I started to feel my skin very hot so I came inside. I put some sunscreen, but only on my face! I do want to get a bit of colour on my body! I look like a ghost. Or a glass of milk.

Sam Roberts Band concert

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 8:44 am
I went to a Sam Roberts Band concert last night. It was at a very pretty venue, the National. A very old European theatre feel to it, red and gold colours with chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I liked the setting! I got at the venue at around 19h30 to get a good seat. Though the concert only started at 21h. So while waiting I had "my" Ipod on. And then the guy next to me started chatting with me! He was with a bunch of friends. But I guess he thought I looked bored/lonely! He was from Sweden. I like speaking with people from abroad because they have a different outlook on things compared to fellow Quebecers. We talked about his country, Canada, music/concerts, travels, photography, studies, etc. Time went by more quickly! The opening band was just alright... More background music than anything. I didn't like the female singer but I did enjoy watching the guitar player, he was the best there. The drummer just looked so bored like he wanted to sleep! After that Sam came on! The concert was being recorded for broadcast online and on paid radio. The crowd was really into the gig. Sam too! There was a lot of energy! They played a mix of old/new songs but of course it's the older material that really got the crowd's attention.

And what happened…

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle April 29, 2006 @ 6:37 pm
And what happened after the exam when I joined my boyfriend at his place? Mont Royal Click to read...

1h05, record time for the POLI exam

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:30 am
This morning on my way to the Uni an old man sat besides when he entered the train at Sherbrooke station. I was getting off at Berri to change lines so I got up. As the train was pulling up at Berri and slowing down the old man talked to me. I didn't understand because I had my music on. So I took the ear phone out and he repeated... "Have a nice day mademoiselle!" I said "Merci!" And he added "I'm nice eh!" And I said "Oui, have a nice day too!" He was an old creepy grandpa. I wonder what he was trying to achieve. If it was simply to wish someone a nice day or if he thought I'd be interested in an old aging white-haired man! No thank you! I'm now done with the exam! I got in there at 9h and finished at 10h05. That was too quick! 1h05! And I was the first one out of the exam room. When I am given the exam question and answer booklet I just go for it and write and write and write non-stop. My hand and wrist start hurting but I just keep writing. And then I am done really quickly. There is no point in reading it over either as it's not typed, you cannot easily add/change/remove things. So I gave my exam back to the uptight invigilator (she was really applying all of the stupid rules thoroughly, for example no coffee or no baseball caps on - to see the eyes she said). I am now in the library killing a bit of time before I go to my boyfriend's place. Because it's really early to go now! The University is really calm/empty on a Saturday morning. Usually corridors are filled with students in a hurry to go to class or to leave class. But this morning it's almost ghost-town. I don't remember when I came on campus on a weekend before. Anyways. One more exam to go, the day after my birthday. On May 6 at 12h I will be done with University. How great! But until then I have to really study my Italian a lot! I have been putting it aside. So every day until the exam I will do 1 hour or 2 of work. A language isn't something you can study the night before the exam sadly!

I’m nervous!!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 7:24 am
It's 7h22. The POLI exam is later this morning, at 9h. I am so nervous! I think I studied enough. But someone can always be more prepared! So I wish I had more time!!! I am going to go shower, get dressed, pack my stuff. And hopefully there will be a 15 minutes left to re-read everything before stepping out of the door. It's a beautiful day and after the exam I'm going to go see my boyfriend. Yay! So enough weblog for now!

Quit moving around!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 28, 2006 @ 9:45 pm
Argh! It's the first time I am really annoyed with my top neighbour. For over 2 hours I don't know what he's been doing up there but he keeps banging on the floor. He has his shoes on. And he's doing cleaning maybe? Or something that involves moving things around. But geez! Take the damn shoes off! And relax! It's Friday night. Sit your ass on your couch and stay there! Quit moving around! I wish I could knock or something to voice my discontent. But I can't really... Because he's the landlord!!! I'm screwed. And tonight I need calm and silence. I have to be ready for my POLI final exam in the morning! The Concordia library is opened 24 hours a day during the exam period. I should go there really early tomorrow and study some more. But I have never believed in brain crunching the day of the exam. Instead I will read my material once before bed. And then another in the morning during brekky. And then I should be ready. I am nervous about this exam though! It counts for over 50% of the final mark! And until now I've did really good in this class. It would suck if I got a bad grade only because of this exam!

1 hour on the roof

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 3:09 pm
I just spent 1 hour on the roof. It was nice with the sun shining. But there was also this little cold breeze of wind. I had brought my blankie so I was wrapped up and that made it comfortable. I studied a bit. And I rested a bit. There was no one else up there, as usual... Until now I have always been alone up there. I was studying and then I heard the door opening! I looked... I thought it was another resident coming to enjoy the sun. But nope! It was two firemen! I love firemen. They took a look, chatted in the doorway for a while and then left. I guess they were there to make sure everything was according to the fire department regulations! Now I am thirsty.

I got it!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:23 pm
Some changes are taking place at work! Before at my job it was on a first come first serve basis where you replied to phonecalls and emails to get work. And now they divided the staff at various spots on the island. And today I just got news of where I would be working this Summer! I asked to work in my old neighbourhood and that's where I've been assigned! I'm happy. I just hope there won't be a problem with my trip to London and the Grand Prix weekend. Because apart from that I'm available any day/any time! So they should be nice/understanding...! I'm looking forward to the first official meeting to meet my fellow co-workers!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 11:55 am
I just paid 3 bills using my online AccesD. I remember years ago when I lived in Quebec City I had to go to the bank/ATM to pay bills. But thankfully it's easier these days with online banking! I paid 3 bills, Hydro-Québec (my first time every paying them), Vidéotron and my driver's license (not so nice of them, they want a payment due on my birthday). And I took 2 work days for next week. So money goes in, but also goes out. I wish I was rich! I wish I had enough money to pay for everything and save or use some for fun/nice things. Someday... But for now I'm still a student. And my student job is calling me! I have to finish the last question for my exam and then study the four of them. For that I might go up on the roof terrace. That way I'll be able to combine enjoying the sun with studying without going too far away from home. I could also just go on the balcony but it's too distracting all the cars/people passing by! Tomorrow is the exam. And in the evening I'm going to a Sam Roberts concert. It's the last concert I have planned. I'm feeling sleepy... My eyes have difficulty staying open! I received a movie today, Elizabethtown. I want to watch it this weekend sometime with my boyfriend but I don't know if he wants to, it's a bit of a chick flick. But then again I think I remember Matthew Good saying he had enjoyed it!

8 dodos!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 27, 2006 @ 2:13 pm
This morning I did a two loads of dark laundry, one to hang outside and the other in the dryer (bed sheets). I wish I had a real clothes line! I'd put it all outside! But it's a bit difficult to hang huge sheets on a tiny clothes drying rack! I just watched a movie, The Constant Gardener. It made me want to go to Afrika. And I liked the music in the credits at the end. I am eating some mango and it's delicious. I have to finish preparing my exam... It's on Saturday. I wish I was done with all this Uni stuff! My birthday is coming soon... 8 dodos! But I still don't know what I will be doing... I like it when the sun is shining outside. It makes me happy.

And what else…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 26, 2006 @ 4:01 pm
I have a POLI exam on Saturday... Yes an Uni exam on a weekend! So I started working on the exam today. The prof gave us 4 possible questions. And out of these 4 he will pick two for the exam. Until now I have written my answer in simple point form for 1 question. I have 3 more to do. And then study these point forms answers. And then on Saturday at the exam turn it into essay form! So I have a lot of work left to do with 2.5 days left to do it. I made homemade soup today too. Mmm. And what else... I thought it was supposed to rain today so I didn't do laundry... Because I want to put it outside to dry... But it hasn't rained. And it's even sunny now!! Grr. My dark colours basket is pretty full! Today my boyfriend is coming here after his work (around 17h15-30) for dinner and evening with me! Yay! I haven't seen him since Saturday and I miss him!

150$ an hour!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle April 25, 2006 @ 11:48 pm
Whoa! Why don't I speak Korean, Turkish, Norwegian, Gaelic, Soulou or Berber??? If I knew one of these languages I could get paid 150$ an HOUR to be a voice in a videogame! That's a cool job I found on Emploi Quebec's website! That pays a hell of a lot! Maybe they need someone who speaks Dutch???

While coat hunting I found underwear!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 4:56 pm
So I was downtown... I first went to The Bay. I went to shop for mom but as I arrived on the third floor where coats were I saw the lingerie section was also on this floor! So I went shopping for underwear for me! It was nice... I like underwear shopping...! I won't go into details with what I found but anyhow. After that I went to the coat section for my mom. I wanted a store that would have a variety of brands/types of coats and The Bay had that. I browsed around forever trying to find the appropriate style, colour and size. It was so hard to find something my mom would like based on a few things she told me: neat looking, kind of like a trech, blue or black, not sporty, 3/4 lenght... I found some options and I needed help from the sales lady. But she was busy with one customer, trying to get something from another store on the telephone. It took her forever... 30 minutes later I was still waiting. She could have called for back up but didn't. I was pissed off. So I paid for my underwear and left that store. I walked downtown trying to find another store to buy the coat from... But then I saw another store I like for lingerie, Jacob! I stopped there too... Then I found the store for my mom, Addition Elle. They had a coat but it was too plain, it looked like they put sleeves on a piece of material and added buttons. Not really what I was looking for. The sales lady was really really trying to sell it to me but thankfully I know how to say no! So in the end... I went back to The Bay! This time the lady was free to assist me. She helped me choose between two coats and explained the pros and cons of each. Now that's the kind of service I was expecting! I got the coat. I like it! And hopefully so will my mom! She is paying over half of it, and my brother and I will pay the rest as a Mother's Day gift. And then came home. My feet hurt from walking a lot! And I'm hungry. What could I have for dinner...

Merci mom!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:30 pm
Before going shopping I thought I'd look at what was inside the box mom sent me. So I just opened it! And my mom is sweet! She sent the camera but also nice little candles...! And a little note! So cute!! Merci maman!! I love my mom.

Disturbed shower

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:26 pm
I was just in the shower. I had cleaned myself already and was just enjoying the hot water on my skin for a bit. As I was enjoying the shower I hear "BEEEEEEEEEEEEP". That was the door bell! I asked myself who could it be. Damn! I was expecting a package from mom to arrive. And it was now arriving! It was the mailman! So I in a flash I turned the water off, grabbed my towel and went to open the building's main door! Water was dripping all over the floor. I then quickly looked outside and indeed I saw the Canada Post truck! I quickly went to my bedroom, dried my face up and put on my bathrobe. I then casually opened my apartment's door as the mailman was arriving. I signed for the box. The mailman left. I wonder if he knew he disturbed my shower? It was so funny. It all happened so quickly! So now I have the package. Mom sent me her camera. Why? Because mine has been acting out for a while. It leaves horizontal streaks on some photographs. And I don't want to have ruined pictures in Europe! So she sent me hers (which is identical to mine) for my trip! I will give it back to her when she comes to my graduation. Now I'm dressed and ready to go out shopping for mom!
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