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I’m bored and tired

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 31, 2006 @ 9:54 pm
I'm bored!!! I don't have anything to watch on television. Though the Formula 1 qualifications for the Aussie GP are about to start and I will watch that. But I feel like watching a nice movie!! Or an interesting TV show!! Something to keep me on my toes, like a thriller! Otherwise my eyes will close while watching... Just like a minute ago when I was watching some boring show. I feel like calling my boyfriend and chatting but he's at work so I can't. I feel like having chocolate chip cookies but I just had dinner and I'm not really hungry... It would be pure "gourmandise". I feel like going to bed soon too... I'm tired...! I like complaining... Don't I?


Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 6:43 pm
Last night my boyfriend gave me a little something... Some Fanta! I had mentionned that was my favourite soft drink and how it was sucky that it wasn't sold here like in Europe! So he bought some at a store near his house and brought it here for me! So yummy Fanta... I drank a lot today... I have to drink it before the fizz all goes away! This morning I had a nice breakfast: bacon, eggs and toast. And after I showered, got dressed and went out for a little walk around the neighbourhood. I then came home and bought my ticket for the Jeff Martin concert on April 20th. I am looking forward to it! Then I left to go far far far far away at the Fairview Pointe-Claire shopping centre. I took the metro to Côte-Vertu metro station and then the bus 215. Very long! Along the route for bus 215 it wasn't too nice... Mostly big buildings for businesses, some residential buildings, and ugly roads. I saw some woman begging at a red light for money to pay the rent (that was written on a sign which she held up at each car) but no one gave her anything. Then some young black guy came in and sat near me. He hooked up his CD player on small speakers giving music to everyone sitting at the back of the bus. Too bad it wasn't my kind of music! Then finally we arrived at the shopping centre! I went right away to the H&M store. That was the reason why I went to that far away mall... The new H&M that just opened there yesterday, the first on the Island of Montreal! I got to know that store when I lived in Amsterdam. I like the clothes, not expensive and still very nice! It was definitely worth the trip! I walked around the very crowded store 2 times to make sure I had looked at everything and then with 6 items I went to the changing rooms to try themon. Except the changing rooms were VERY busy! I had to wait more than 30 minutes...! In the end I had to get a size bigger in the skirt I had picked... But all the rest fit perfectly and I took it all! Waiting for the changing rooms took forever... But paying went VERY quickly!!! They had 10 cash registers with no line up. We know where their priority is... Here's all I bought... All I bought... Top row: White pants, red top, black skirt, black with white stripes scarf. Bottom row: Turquoise top, turquoise/beige striped top, white top with design, necklace and black purse. And then I went to eat a slice of pizza because I was really hungry. I could clearly see I was in the West of the Island, the English part. The girl at the H&M store near the changing rooms spoke to me in English even though I spoke to her in French. The staff at the pizza place also! Man... Then I came back home with bus 216 and the metro from Côte-Vertu. I listened to my boyfriend's Ipod on my way home! The amazing thing is that the battery life indicator said it was empty... But it kept playing for 30 minutes more! Pretty neat! Now I have to put it back on the charger before I forget. Tomorrow I will add some of my own music to his Ipod...! I will love it even more! Today's Photoblog picture (also from the shopping adventure today), H&M Changing Room: H&M Changing Room

Edukators, finally going out

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 30, 2006 @ 2:42 pm
I just watched a movie. I know it's a BEAUTIFUL day outside but I just felt like watching a movie so I did! And I liked it... It's a German movie called The Edukators (original title Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei). IMDB says the plot outline is "Three activists cobble together a kidnapping plot after they encounter a businessman in his home." It was good... Watch it! Now it's 14h30. I will go to the ATM to deposit my paycheck. Then I will go up to the terrace and do some homework. I have to! Otherwise I'll have to do it this weekend and that sucks. Alors je m'en vais à l'extérieur... Où le soleil plombe. Où l'air est chaud certes... Mais aussi pollué! Et où on entends pas les petits oiseaux gazouiller mais plutôt le traffic urbain des voitures et des camions. Ah! La vie en ville!

Nice morning

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 8:31 am
The snow has completely melted off from my rooftop terrace!!! I am free to enjoy it now! Especially with the nice temperatures we'll be having today and tomorrow! I might go up there with my laptop to write my essays! Or study my Italian! I didn't look if there was an outdoor electrical plug though... My laptop's battery sucks! Maybe I'd be able to catch someone's wireless Internet too? That would be perfect! But for this morning I'm leaving in 30 minutes for the discussion group. I woke up at 7h though I only have to leave home at 9h. I don't like to rush in the morning. This way I can enjoy myself a bit with some music, etc, before the crazy discussion group with the angry teenagers! I've been trying to find out when the Jeff Martin (former Tea Party) tickets for his Spectrum gig on April 20th go on sale... But Ticketpro isn't cooperating! I called them yesterday and the day before yesterday. The Quebec gig is going on sale tomorrow, and other Ticketmaster gigs accross the country too! I will try calling them again this morning. They will find me annoying. My balcony is located directly on the street, about at the height of the head of people walking. So they all look inside my apartment when walking by. Maybe the door opened with music playing is attracting their attention. But people are so nosy!

A pet!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 29, 2006 @ 1:11 pm
I want a pet!!! Everytime I see someone walking their dog I'm jealous. I want a dog to be super happy and jump on me when I come home! I want a dog to bark when there is a suspicious noise to protect me! I want a dog to walk outside, it would make me become even more active! I want a dog to play with! I want a medium to big dog. None of these tiny ones. But then I don't want a dog because what will I do with it when I go on holiday? Or if I'm away from home for a day or two? So maybe a cat then! I like cats... But they aren't as nice as dogs though. Because they don't play with you! They lay, sleep, purr, eat, act like Garfield and get fat! But it would be easier to care for as they can be a whole day on their own (or more!) and just go do their basic needs in a litter box! But I want a dog! I was thinking about getting a puppy for a year through Mira. I'd raise him/her and then give the puppy back to them. He/She'd then train as a guide dog. But they are located so far away in Sainte-Madeleine or something! How would I get there the 7-8 times we have to go (meetings, veterinarian, etc)?

Mango, flowers and discussion group

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 28, 2006 @ 7:32 pm
Today I went grocery shopping and I loved that a lot of fruit and vegetables were cheap! Nice big red tomatoes, juicy oranges, nice big mango, brocoli, and so on. All for next to nothing! Summer is coming afterall! Just now when I was looking at my not-yet-ripe mangoe (but I want to eat it now!) I thought about Australia... I remember meeting fellow backpackers and how they told me stories of their fruit-picking jobs... Mangoes were one of the worse fruits according to them... After a day of work they would be itchy on the hands/arms... Itchy almost like burns! Thankfully the fruit is yummy and it's worth it I guess! I knew I liked mango in juice and such but hadn't had the real fruit until recently at my boyfriends. And now I love it. I also went to Rona to buy some flower seeds! I planted them in dirt, watered them and now hopefully they will grow! The packages say to keep them 4-6 weeks inside and then plant them out. I can't wait to see if it works! I bought daisies, viola, cosmos and lavender. Hopefully my balcony will look very good this Summer! It's the first time I have a balcony to put flowers on. I'm excited. Today's discussion group session didn't go so well. They didn't really get into our active activities. They demanded more fun, less talk. We give them that. And they don't participate! So I don't know what to do anymore. Still 7 sessions to go (on a total of 16)! We're passed the half-way mark! But it feels like 7 sessions is forever..!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:58 am
Why are there so many advertisements on television? And so many insignificant news stories? It's 6h30 and I just woke up for the day. I'm trying to get a sense of what's happened in the world with the news. LCN is featuring the story of a pet hotel, they say it's the only one of its kind in Canada! Oh... What a news! I switch to Radio-Canada... They are talking about a Joe Dassin tribute show that is being planned for October 2006, the singers taking part in the show have just been announced! Ok... That's great news! Then I turn to CTV Newsnet. They are talking about the weather and go on to a very very long advertisement break. And I think advertisement in the morning is really bad. It makes me angry. I'm here trying to wake up. I don't want to buy the Bryan Adams CD, the multi-vitamins or the new MP3 cell phone! I don't care. Give me some real news! So I gave up. I'll read websites and listen to Matthew Good's In A Coma CD 2, and the nice acoustic songs will help making this early morning ok again... I just want to jump back to bed and sleep some more. Today's Photoblog picture, Bird House: Bird House

Caisse & Prison Break

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 27, 2006 @ 8:53 pm
Today I didn't do any homework. Instead I enjoyed the nice weather outside by walking a bit... I walked about 20 minutes to get to a Caisse. I had to open a new bank account there to be able to get direct deposit. My work used to just deposit my pay in my hometown's Caisse account but recently they didn't want to do that anymore, only to this one particular Caisse! So now I have that new account I won't be getting anymore checks in the mail and simply direct in my account, it's way more convenient! I'm watching Prison Break now and oh no!! Michael just got burned on his back! I bet it's on a spot where there is important information on his tattoo (architectural plan of the prison)!! This show rules. It keeps me on my toes the whole hour! And after I'll watch The Apprentice while doing some Italian homework. Today's Photoblog picture, Xing: Xing

I have an Ipod! Though it’s not really mine…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 26, 2006 @ 11:05 pm
My boyfriend lent me his Ipod! I will possibly buy one but wanted to test it out first, see if I liked it, if it suited my needs, etc. And I've had it since yesterday and I'm really enjoying it! Not only like today on the bus but also just now at home while writing my reading response! I also like that it's not my music on it... So I can eventually start discovering different styles/artists. But for now I've been sticking to something I know and love, Sigur Ros. When comparing the Ipod to my old school CD player I like that it's tiny and doesn't skip when you move it around! Also the fact that you can have more than 1 CD and change easily! For example when I go to London in May. With no Ipod that means I have to bring the portable CD player as well as a big carrying case filled with CDs. Big, bulky, heavy. But with an Ipod you have simply that little thing (and possibly the charger) and you're off! I'm really thinking about getting one. I just don't know how much I am willing to spend at the moment on this. Not a lot... So I'd probably get one with a small hard drive. But then I wouldn't be able to have my whole music collection on it. So it's better I wait until I can afford a bigger one! So I will enjoy my boyfriend's Ipod for the time being!!

Uni schoolwork

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 9:37 pm
I am really tired of Uni schoolwork. Each week for my Comparing Democracies class I have an assignment to hand in. Twice a week I go to the discussion group and we have to plan the sessions. There are weekly chapter exams and exercises to do for my Italian class. Why the heck to they give us so many little assignments? Why not a few (2-3) big ones?!?! This is really tireing me! And I'd rather be able to enjoy the presence of my boyfriend right now! Dinner was good. Now my belly is full. I cleaned up the dishes from last night & tonight, now the kitchen looks nice again and the dishwasher is almost full. I'm watching Tout le monde en parle while trying to answer the question What is a hybrid political regime? for my reading response.

I’m really hungry!

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 7:11 pm
So later in the day on Saturday mystery man came to my house. I made him dinner, one of my favourite recipees: vol-au-vents au homard. I liked it and I think so did he. It was the last jar of lobster from back home! I brought it with me when I came back from Christmas in Blanc-Sablon, after raiding my mom's pantry for delicious stuff. Anyways... After dinner we watched a movie, La Grande Séduction, and went out to a live music place called Bistro à Jojo. Because we arrived a bit late most of the seats were taken so we found a spot at the same table as 2 Quebecer guys. We chatted with them a bit. And also listened to the artist playing that night, Emmanuelle Julien. I liked her but I don't think enough to go back to see her specifically. Maybe I'd go back to Jojo's though! It was a nice evening out...! Emmanuelle Julien This morning I had a nice breakfast of pancakes, mango (mmm) and orange. It was very good! Then I went to see my discussion group co-leader and we planned the two sessions for this week. I took the bus back home at about 15h and I did some laundry (2 loads, 1 dark, 1 light) and watched television. It's now 19h30 and I'm really hungry. I think I'm going to make Chinese fondue beef meat in the frying pan, mashed potatoes and the curry/mayonaise sauce and maybe a salad. It's one of my favourite really quick meals to make! Today's Photoblog picture, Stop!: Stop!

Voter incentives

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 25, 2006 @ 12:57 pm
At Concordia we have the CSU (Concordia Student Union) and they make a lot of decisions regarding students. We have to vote people there each year. And ever since I've been at Concordia I've never voted... Why? Lack of proper information about the candidates, their platforms, the issues, etc. I do read the Link newspaper and sometimes the Concordian... So I should know what's happening but I don't! Now I just saw the CSU has put something in place to encourage students to go vote at the end of the month.
Voter Incentives (randomly drawn from pool of voters): 1. One (1) trip for two (Vancouver or Cancun) 2. Two (2) Schwinn bicycles 3. Ten (10) $100 gift certificates from the Concordia Bookstore 4. Tuition waivers: 2,000 plus votes: 2 tuition waivers 3,000 plus votes: 4 tuition waivers 5,000 plus votes: 6 tuition waivers 6,000 plus votes 8 tuition waivers
I'd like to get the trip for two or the 100$ gift certificates! Tuition waivers are useless because I'm graduating but if I wasn't then that would be nice too! It makes me want to go vote sure... But only for a chance to win something! That's bad. Maybe more people will vote but do random or vote for more then one so that their vote ends up being rejected and still they may get a chance to win! I don't think there should be prizes for going to vote. Usually a vote simply is your duty to do it..!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:06 am
So work did finish early yesterday... At about 18h30-19h I was out of there! Which was really nice. At home I found out my weblog/photoblog was not working so I emailed my hosting company and they helped me and now it works again! So last night I watched some of Gilmore Girls DVD and then at 21h30 I was falling asleep on it...! So I decided it was time for bed. I brushed my teeth, put my pjs on and went to sleep! At 22h30 a phonecall woke me up and I answered. I remember who it was, that I was happy to get the call, but not really what I said! That happens when I'm sleepy... After I went back to bed and slept from 22h30 to 9h15... That's 10h45 of sleep! Plus the one hour before the phonecall... 11h45!!!! Now I'm feeling really well again! Today's Photoblog picture, Koivu and Sundin Faceoff: Koivu and Sundin Faceoff

Bit tired…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle March 24, 2006 @ 2:02 pm
I'm going to work in about 10 minutes. But I just feel like watching a movie comfy at home. I'm a bit tired... That's what I'll do tonight! Hopefully we're done there really early... Like 19h instead of the planned 21h! I can dream, right?

Painting & hockey game

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 1:20 pm
So yesterday morning I had the discussion group session and it went quite well. They were really hyper/energetic though! Then I came home and I decided I really felt like doing that painting to hang above my futon! I was tired. But it was such a nice day outside! So I had something to eat to get a bit of energy and headed out to Omer Deserres to buy canvasses. And some paint. And then at home I made the painting! It took me a couple of hours... Letting the coat dry, adding, changing, etc. I think I am happy with the final product... Painting Then in the evening I went to the hockey game! It was Canadiens agains't the Leafs. My favourite player, Domi, wasn't there though! And the Leafs, the team I like, lost 5-1!!! A few comments about last night's game... -Leafs goalie is just like a pasta strainer... Water (the puck) just slipping through it. He was sucky! Except about 5 minutes to go in the final period where he did a series of awesome saves while the Canadiens were on powerplay. -There was a fat guy sitting next to me. He kept making comments like "Simpson is so slow, he can't skate!" I felt like saying... "You go down there and let's see if you can do a better job!" -I saw a Quebec actor... He played in the movie Horloge Biologique... His name is Patrice Robitaille. -The crowd was different. Usually I go on a Saturday game. But yesterday was a Thursday, weekday. There were a lot of people in business suit. A lot of old people. -The shots on goal were mostly equal throughout the game, why didn't the Leafs score more? I don't like Huet! -People were wearing "Leafs Suck" t-shirts... I didn't like them. -I'm glad I went... I'd like to go again on Saturday for the re-match! Hockey Just before the game was over there was a little fight... Hockey Today's Photoblog picture (also taken at the hockey game), Final Score: Final Score
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