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Busy week day 2

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle February 28, 2006 @ 6:33 pm
Today's Fieldwork discussion group session went pretty well! The teens participated actively and seemed to enjoy the fact that I'd brought some little Easter egg chocolates! They got them for answering a question. Then I went to class but I was so tired and just wanted to come home. I'm going to Quebec after tomorrow. But I hope the Nine Inch Nails concert will still happen. Trent, the singer, cancelled the last few shows! I hope he'll be cured from the sickness he's feeling and ready for Quebec! But first tomorrow 2 midterms. Arghhhhhh! Tonight is The Amazing Race season premiere! I'm excited! I love that show. I can't be out travelling but at least through them I can travel a tiny bit...

Moving Day

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle February 27, 2006 @ 7:32 pm
Last night I tried to go to bed at 23h but it took me forever to fall asleep!!! Then at 2h15 I woke up. And again it took me forever to sleep again. And at 5h30 I woke up and decided to just get up. I knew I would be tired later in the day but I just couldn't sleep longer! So I logged online and chatted a bit with my Aussie friend. I had turned the heater down so it was freezing in my apart! I turned the heat back up and sat at the computer wrapped up in 2 blankets. Then I had breakfast and finished packing the toaster, living room curtains, toothbrush, etc. At 8h05 I was waiting for the movers while listening to Sigur Ros video. At 8h30 the movers finally arrived. They started bringing my boxes down the 3 storeys. Then my furniture. And finally my plants. It took them a while until 10h05 or so. I didn't know what to do while they were carrying my stuff... I just watched them breaking their backs with my heavy boxes. But that's why I pay them right? I quickly took the metro to my new apartment and met the movers as they were arriving, pretty good timing! They unloaded everything and messed up my nice clean floor (but I expected that). But by 11h30 they were all done! Then it was my turn to start working. So I started with the bedroom. I put my bed frame together, put the mattress on top and all the nice linens. I felt like going to sleep right then! But nope, I continued unpacking... Kitchen, bathroom, etc. I've put the futon back together too. So now there are still boxes with books and CDs and things but the big pieces are already unpacked/put in place! I wish I had the bookcase/desk/curtain rod/etc from Ikea already! But I don't! So I can't unpack totally until I get those... At about 14h30 the Videotron tech came and installed my Illico terminal. I like the integrated TV guide! And for dinner at around 17h30 I ordered St-Hubert chicken meal. My first choice was Domino's pizza but none of them deliver to my area! How crappy is that?! I don't want to do the discussion group tomorrow or go to class. I just feel like staying home and finishing to unpack! Or maybe sleep all day! An empty living room... Empty The mover's truck... Mover's truck My new place filled with stuff... New place


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:04 pm
I'm in my new apartment! I'll write more about the day later on. I've just had dinner and feel energetic again so I will keep unpacking for a bit more. But there is one awesome news I can't wait to tell the whole world!!! I've been accepted at Université de Montréal in the Masters Program of International Studies! I'm soooooooooo happy! I didn't think I'd get the news this quick!!!! So now I know I've got at least one option for next year... But still waiting to know if I get the job in Ottawa or accepted to Masters at UQAM. But YAY! UdM wants me!

Ready for the movers

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle February 26, 2006 @ 10:44 pm
I'm so tired. It's 22h40. Everything is finally ready for the movers. They should be here tomorrow morning between 8h and 9h. I'm hoping for the earliest possible! Then I'd be at my new place with more time to unpack! I'm supposed to have the telephone and Internet transferred tomorrow. They say anytime during the day. So I don't know when I'll update my weblog again/read emails but hopefully maybe tomorrow evening! If I'm not dead. From the long day ahead. Man... I really don't get the people who move once a year on July 1st. Nuts. And now... Final words... Bonne nuit!!!

Une longue journée dans les boîtes…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:38 pm
So today is the final preparation day for the big move!! I really want to have EVERYTHING ready for tomorrow morning. The easiest the mover's job the better. They are paid by the hour. So I don't want them to take longer than needed... And why not do the prep work myself if I can? So I unmounted my bed frame... I thought it would be more difficult but really easy! I also slipped the plastic cover on the big mattress. My bedroom is all ready to move! But I don't have a bed anymore... So tonight I'm sleeping in the living room, amongst boxes, on my futon. I had to go get some extra boxes this morning. Then packed all my kitchen stuff, food, etc. Now I can only eat food from the fridge! And I only kept 1 glass out and 1 fork. I will reheat some pasta for dinner. But I just now realize I've packed the microvawe turning dish thingy already! Grr... Stupid me. And cold pasta is not yummy. I'll try reheating the pasta in the microwave anyways! But yea... I'm not feeling hungry yet so that will wait a bit. I really hope my plants survive the move. Especially my tree. I love that tree. Recently when I brought back home a friend's plant (he gave it to me as he's going back to Europe) it froze up and now it's loosing all its leaves. I think new ones will eventually grow but poor thing. I hope that doesn't happen with my healthy nice plants! I have been thinking about which thing I will unpack first tomorrow. It will definitely be the stereo/DVD player so I can listen to some music while unpacking. That's really what makes this task less boring! Today I've had songs randomly playing by Bush, K's Choice (First time I listen to that music since my ex and I broke up... I love that band but I associated it with him. Now I think I'm cured of that and can like K's Choice again...) and Muse! It was great! Also at about 12h my co-leader for the Fieldwork discussion group called me to ask when we were meeting to plan the next sessions. In my head it was more of an evening thing. In her head it was a morning thing. So I proposed we planned the sessions on the telephone together! It's not the best way to have a meeting but it saved some time travelling! We got the sessions planned and will tweak it on Tuesday after class. Today's Photoblog picture, Photoblog on Hold: Photoblog on Hold


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle February 25, 2006 @ 9:54 pm
So tonight I went out for dinner! It was nice ! I don't often go to restaurants... It was a little Indian place. I liked the decor with the arched ceiling and pictures/art on the wall... It was a real home feel to the resto. I also liked the table where I sat which was right next to the window (and the heater). My food was good, some rice, chicken curry I don't remember the exact name of it (P something...) and yummy warm soft bread. A very nice little evening out. And now I'm full. I just feel like resting on the futon doing nothing or even going to bed! But I should pack. Or maybe study! I've got 2 midterms on Wednesday, 1 Italian and 1 Mass Communication. I have studied a bit for the Mass Comm one but not Italian yet!!! I'll regret that soon I'm sure. But who wants to study on a Saturday evening??!


Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 6:03 pm
This morning I left home at 9h30 to go to my new apartment and do some cleaning! I got there around 10h and got started right away cleaning the kitchen. I cleaned the outside of the cupboards, the inside of the cupboards, the stove/oven, fridge, the countertop (or bench if you're an Aussie... so funny they use that word for that thing!), some of the walls and the floor (which was really really dirty)! So it would be just easier to say I cleaned it all! Then I moved on to dusting in the bedroom/living area. For example I don't think the baseboard were cleaned in years... They were filthy with dust! After sweeping both areas it was time for a wet wash! I'll have to redo the floor washing once I'm moved in... So I didn't do the perfect cleaning in the living room because the movers probably will ruin it all on Monday anyways! I also cleaned a bit the walls where I could see dirty spots... And most of the time it went away! So the paint job doesn't look too bad. It could use a refresh but I'm not painting! Then I cleaned the bathroom. It was not as dirty as I expected to be. Or maybe it's just the Tylex product I was using killed all the dirt really easily! Now the bath is sparkling, the sink too. And of course cleaning the toilet! I HATE cleaning other's toilets. I'd rather change the whole thing all together. Especially when it's been used by a guy! But it wasn't too dirty. So I was happy. After all this cleaning it was 15h! It took me 5 hours non stop. And I wish the guy would have picked up his leftover stuff too... But he didn't. So I put it all near the entrance (it was laying all over the apart) in plastic bags so when he comes it'll be easy for him to pick it all up! Entry with stuff I'm excited even more about moving day Monday now that the new place is all ready for my arrival!!!

My date with…

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 8:42 am
So last night I watched a documentary movie, My Date With Drew. It's about a plain ordinary guy who decided to try and get 1 date with Drew Barrymore, with 1100$ in 30 days. I won't tell you what happens or if he's successful. But I liked the movie! This guy is funny. And it's a VERY low budget documentary so even the montage/editing of the movie is funny! It made me think... If I was going to do the same thing, who would I try to meet... I thought about Formula 1 drivers... Jacques Villeneuve or Jenson Button. But then I didn't feel that really excited about potentially getting a date with them/meeting them... Why? I think it's because I've met them already!!! So then I knew who I would try and meet! Daniel Johns from silverchair. I've loved silverchair ever since their first CD...! It was the first band I really got into on my own, not because a friend liked it or because it played on the music video channel. So... Daniel Johns! The closest I came to him was at a concert in Toronto back on 24 May 2003. I was about 1 meter away. He was on stage, performing. I was right near the stage taking photographs with my press pass, courtesy of his management team which I had emailed. Maybe one day I'll get to meet Daniel Johns! silverchair Daniel Johns with silverchair (Chris and Ben) performing in Toronto Today's Photoblog picture, Budget: Budget

Still good?

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle February 24, 2006 @ 8:40 pm
How long is liquor good? I've had two bottles (vodka and Bacardi) on a shelve at the top of my pantry for years... Like 3 years I think? Leftover from a dinner party I had. I don't drink liquor! And there's still a lot left in each bottle. Now there's good proof I'm not an alcoholic! I don't know what to do with them... Are they still good?? Liquor And this is how my living area looks right now! It's so annoying. I hate this mess! Boxes and things everywhere. I can't wait to move!!!!!!!! It's just tireing when it's this messy... It's hard to relax/rest in this environment! Living area

Disposing of various things

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 3:39 pm
So today I went to the eco-centre to bring some stuff... Batteries, old ink cartridges, paint, oven cleaning product, etc. Most people just throw them away in the garbage. But that's not good! And we have the infrastructures in place to dispose of them in a more environment friendly way. But geez! They don't really make it easy for us! The eco-centre was far away, right at the end of a cul-de-sac road. Most people won't bother bringing "dangerous" goods to the eco-centre if it's so far/hard to reach! I also brought some clothing I don't wear anymore and shoes/sandals to the Salvation Army. I had 3 big bags... I took the bus to go there. Thankfully it was not too crowded! I hope someone can make good use of the things I've donated! And I also went to the supermarket with empty plastic bottles and metal cans to recycle them and get my deposit back. I hadn't done it in about a year and it gave me a fabulous 2.20$! I had 3 bags of bottles... for 2.20$! So it's not really about money but about taking care of the environment! So doing all of that... Just disposing of various things... Took me 3 hours!!! I will continue packing after I finish watching Oprah... Yes I sometimes watch that show... It's handy because it's right in the afternoon at the time when I like to take an hour and rest before continuing on with the day! So if it's an "interesting" topic, I watch... While sleeping/resting a bit on the futon. I am lazy eh!


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle February 23, 2006 @ 10:55 pm
I went to pick up the keys to my new apartment tonight! The current tenant still has a few things to pick up tomorrow... So on Saturday the apartment should be all free! Tomorrow Friday I'll be going to the eco-centre to throw away "dangerous" products like left over paint, batteries, etc. Then Saturday I'll be going back to my new apartment for a good cleaning session. Then Sunday prepare the last boxes at my current apartment. And Monday move!

DVDs, futon cover and flower

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 5:37 pm
This morning's discussion group was quite a challenge... Not 5 people but 8 kids! And these 3 extra made a huge difference in the group's dynamics... I got out of there feeling a bit blah. These kids are just so difficult to manage... (In general) they can't sit still, they are hyper, they swear, etc. But when I got home I had a nice surprise in the mailbox... 2 DVDs I ordered from Air Miles! DVDs Then I continued packing. I did all my clothing from drawers and the closet. I've got a lot more to pack but I don't know when/how because I still use the things!! Grrr. And I also put back the futon cover on the futon mattress. Man that was difficult! That cover is just made so tight. And the futon mattress is so heavy! So it took me about 30 minutes just to do that! Futon And after it was finally done I rested on the newly cleaned futon+cover for a while listening to music... Me on futon And packing I also didn't know what to do with some dried flowers. I had saved 2 roses my ex boyfriend had given me... And now packing they would probably get crushed. So I decided it was time to throw them away...! But then the tip of the mauve/dark flower broke off... So I am keeping that one and I'll put it in a box with some other memory stuff. Flower Time to figure out what I should eat for dinner.

10 minutes

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 8:29 am
Today's my second discussion group session at the high school and I already don't feel like going anymore!!! But I'll have to go for 7 more weeks after today!!! This Fieldwork is a lot of work! I just feel like going back to bed. This morning when my alarm went on it took me 10 minutes to get out of bed! Usually after 30 seconds I am up and ready for the day to begin! Recently I looked at the tentative final exam schedule. And I've got my Italian final the day right after my birthday! I hope they change it. It sucks. That's what I can't wait for though... That last final exam... It will close off all of my Concordia Uni studies! It's now a bit past 8h and I'm listening to Marilyn Manson "The Golden Age Of Grotesque"! Too bad I can't put it louder (showing some respect for my neighbours). I was listening to that CD last night/yesterday when packing... It's great packing music! And now I found out it's also great morning music for when I don't feel like it being morning...! And I received the final test result for that job in Ottawa... On the Graduate Recruitment Test, I got 67% only! But the cut off is at 42% so it's still ok. But I wish I did better on that one! It's the test I ran out of time for. With these "complicated" math questions I hate so much! It's not that I can't do them... It's just that I was put under pressure because of a time constraint and that blocks my math brain! But hopefully they think that 67% is good enough, combined with my other test results and my previous job experiences/school training! And they call me for an interview! We'll see... Today's Photoblog picture, Matthew Good (yep, another archive shot... I should go out and get some pics but I don't feel like it lately): Matthew Good

Matt’s coming to Montreal!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle February 22, 2006 @ 7:34 pm
The great Canadian artist Matthew Good has announced a concert date in Montreal for his solo acoustic tour! April 10! I'll be there for sure. I've just got to find out when the tickets go on sale and buy one. I loved Matt's recent CD which featured a few of his songs redone acoustically. And I can't wait to hear those live!!!!! It makes me want to listen to that CD... But I've packed it already! Grrr... I'm off to pack some more boxes. Bathroom and kitchen, stuff I don't use I'll pack. Yay! I'm moving soon! Yay!

Folding clothes & hungry

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 6:03 pm
The only good thing about doing laundry is... When you take out the clothes from the dryer and they are nice and warm... And you're folding them... And it's so nice to just hold the warm clothes close to your body to warm up on a cold Winter day! I'm so hungry. But I don't feel like cooking anything! I've got some fish out... And have tons of veggies in the fridge to choose from. But blah. Just wish my belly was full in a second and not hungry anymore without cooking or even eating!
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