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Progress Report #3: I’m sick… still haven’t done much more…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 30, 2005 @ 8:31 pm
I know staying in the shower a long time is a waste of water but I was freezing cold! So I set the shower extra hot, closed the bathroom door so that the hot steam would stay in the room to warm it up and stood for 20 minutes under the hot water flow. My cold is making me feel weird. I am either too cold (like before the shower) or too warm (like right now). I can't concentrate, not on television, not on surfing the Internet and much less on writing a paper! I took a total of 2 Tylenols agains't colds today and just now a regular Tylenol, yet they haven't helped much. My nose is also annoying... One nostril is full and even though I blow in a tissue it's just staying full. The second nostril is fine. And I've got this annoying little tickling feeling that makes me cough when I breathe through my mouth. My clothing is annoying, the roughness of the material agains't my skin is so uncomfortable! And now I am too cold again. To put it simply... I'm sick! Oh... I wish I had a paper writing robot! 1.5 pages done, 8.5 left...

Progress report #2: 1 page!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 3:12 pm
I've written 1 page! 9 more to go!

Progress report #1: Starting on my paper!

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 1:36 pm
Good news! Well at least for me. I've started writing my paper! Sitting at my crowded work table (I need a bigger desk/table!)... Workstation I took a Benagol (good for the sore throat, left over from my Italian trip to Venice in the Summer... Yep I caught a cold in Venice and now one in Montreal)... Benagol And did the outline for my paper! Outline Looking at that outline I see my handwriting is weird! I've got 3 ways to write the letter A, I combine capital letters with small letters, some words are in cursives others not, etc. Just strange... Now I've just have to continue in that direction, remaining productive until it's time to go to class at 17h15. I don't think I'll be able to. My attention span is very low today.

TripPlanner instead of writing a paper

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 11:58 am
Sometimes when I am bored and dream about travelling again I like to go to Airtrek's TripPlanner page and make a super huge around the world plane ticket. The original destinations I had chosen on the website today: Montreal - San Jose - Cusco - Santiago - Sydney - Hobart (Tasmania) - Wellington - Bangkok - Tokyo - London - Reykjavik - Copenhagen - Helsinki - Stockholm - Tallinn - Saint Petersburg - Moscow - Montreal And trip planner turned it into this, with added cities in italics: Lowest Cost US$7752 to US$9302 Montreal - Los Angeles - San Jose - Lima - Cusco - Lima - Santiago - Auckland - Sydney - Melbourne - Hobart (Tasmania) - Melbourne - Wellington - Auckland - Bangkok - Taipei - Tokyo - Bangkok - London - Reykjavik - London - Copenhagen - London - Helsinki - London - Stockholm - Tallinn - Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Moscow - London - Montreal TripPlanner They add a lot of cities 2 and 3 times because these are major hubs, but I am sure a direct flight exists between Moscow and Montreal? Or between Wellington and Bangkok? Or maybe not. But anyways... I usually like plane trips. Especially the trip going to a new destination. I enjoy less the trip back home because then the adventure is over... Now I only have to win the lottery to be able to book this trip! Instead of this TripPlanner thingy I should be doing my Leadership paper. It's due tomorrow. I just can't concentrate. Yesterday I wanted to start on it but I went to the dentist's and the rest of the day I wasn't feeling well, my teeth hurt and it gave me a headache. Today I wanted to get up early and start writing right away. I woke up and I was sick. My throat hurts, I'm coughing, my nose is a bit blocked, and I am cold. It's now 2 hours later after waking up. At least I did shower and get dressed but haven't started on the $&$&#&@ paper!

Bus ride looking at cars

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 29, 2005 @ 8:49 pm
When I am sitting in the bus I like to look outside at the cars passing by. What brand of car? How many people sititing in the car? Are they stopping at the orange light or just speeding through? Is the car clean or dirty? All these questions... And yes most of the time in the bus I am very bored. Tonight coming home from Uni the bus stopped at a red light and I noticed a car also waiting for the green light. It's a nice new car, greyish colour, nice wheel rims, etc. Partial licence plate number 516 MQ_. Then I looked inside the car. There was an integrated in car DVD system. One screen in front near the rearview mirror for the front passenger I assume as well as one screen in the back for the back passengers. Now that's not that unusual is it... These systems are pretty popular especially with families in long car rides. But tonight on that DVD system something unusual was featured: a porn movie! And because it was dark outside and in the car I could really clearly see the movie's action on the screens, a man really "enjoying" the company of a woman... Then the light turned to green and the car quickly accelerated and it was gone. I didn't have time to see who was sitting inside... But I do wonder. What kind of person watches porn in their moving car while driving?!

Flashback to the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 5:14 pm
I was browsing through saved pictures on my laptop and found a folder with photos of the 2005 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal. These photographs were taken by a friend, falcon, but I adjusted the cropping a bit. The first one is neat with the reflection of fans in Jenson Button's glasses! Jenson Button The second one is me with Aussie Mark Webber! Mark Webber and me I can't wait for the 2006 Grand Prix.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 3:22 pm
At 10h I was back home from the dentist's. He fixed two spots, one on the right upper side and one on the left lower side! So I was frozen/numb all over my mouth! I got home, changed back into my pjs and watched some television to rest and let the numbness dissapear but just fell alseep. So I slept on an off until 12h15. Then I realized this week is the last week of classes! I was planning on just skipping it. But I decided to go at the last minute (the class was at 13h)! So I got dressed quickly again, packed my schoolbag and headed out. At 13h the class started. I stayed in the class 20 minutes. It was useless me going. The prof didn't hand us our essays back. He didn't say anything important for the final exam. He just went on and on with his boring monotonous voice. I was falling asleep so I just came back home. And now my mouth isn't so numb anymore. And I am hungry. But my gums/teeth hurt, around where he fixed the 2 cavities! So I don't feel like eating. But I am really hungry! I'll try to figure out something filling and easy to chew on. Man... Thankfully no more dentist until next May for the regular 6 months checkup/cleaning!

Just too early…

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 7:51 am
7h30 my alarm went on. I went to bed at 1h15. That's just not enough sleep for me. And 7h30 is just too early! But I am going to the dentist's. So I've got 25 minutes left to have breakfast, shower and get dressed. I hate rushing in the morning!!!

Second paper, Prison Break & UN Conference

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 28, 2005 @ 12:21 pm
I got up at 11h. And I have to go to work at 13h30 to be there for 14h30. That leaves me 2h30. That's just enough time to wake up, have breakfast, shower, get dressed, check e-mails, surf the net a bit, and wake up. I wanted to get started on writing a second paper that's due Thursday but it seems pointless... I've got 1h20 left before I have to go. But by the time I am ready to start writing and getting in the mood it'll be time to stop. So I am just not going to do that today. I'll have Tuesday between classes, Wednesday all day and later in the evening as well as Thursday morning to write. Should be enough right? I am listening to music and feel like having it on loud. But I am thinking about the neighbours. The walls are not really that soundproof. I don't want them to lodge a complaint. So I can't listen as loud as I want. But still it's not like it was late at night... So I guess it's less worse! I want it to be so loud that it resonates inside me! It's hard to describe... Just as loud as at concerts! But I can't. And that sucks. I wish I lived in a single house unit sometimes! Or that I just didn't care about my neighbours. Tonight is the season finale for Prison Break! I'll miss it because I'll be at work but I will record it. And as soon as I get home late tonight I will watch it! I can't wait to see what happens. Will they escape. Or will they leave that for next season! There is this UN conference on climate change starting today in Montreal. I could have worked there for my job #1 but it didn't fit in my schedule with school and job #2. It would have been fun... To be close to the "action". I like big events like this conference... And the other events that surround the big events, like this demonstration walk on December 3.

Finishing a paper and going to the movies for Jarhead

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 27, 2005 @ 10:38 pm
Today I finished my Canadian politics paper. Ok... Actually... It's almost done! Just have to do the formatting (footnotes, bibliography, etc). And I will do that tonight. Then I can print it and sleep well! I went to the movies this evening. I saw Jarhead. I actually liked it. The cinematography was awesome like the oil burning in the desert, the non-contrast between the sand and the army uniforms... The story was truly male and a great insight into guy's heads, kinda... The music was also nice including a great Nirvana song, all in all just well suited to the action... Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Swoff is good looking and gives a great performance... I liked the camaraderie that developed between the characters... And the nice moments like the scorpion fight or the Christmas eve party... It's about Swoff's "pre-Desert Storm experiences in Saudi Arabia and about his experiences fighting in Kuwait" but I won't get into the war part of it, about what the movie tried to accomplish. Just watch it and see for yourself... I'm back at work tomorrow at 14h30. I'm ready to go out there and have all perfect calls, 20/20, doing all the required sales, personalizing the phonecalls and stating my full name! Watch out! I wonder how long I'll be this motivated...

Christmas party for job #2 (call centre)

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 1:24 am
So this evening I went to the Christmas party for my job #2 (call centre). It was FAR away! It took me about an hour to get there with public transport... I arrived at 18h40... WAY too early! I didn't see any familiar faces. Then I spotted a young coworker sitting on her own so I joined her. Then more people she knew from her training joined (but no one I really knew)... Later I did see a few familiar faces but we weren't sitting at the same table! I saw one of the support guys. He told me him and another support guy found my website and laughed when reading my weblog. Good thing or not, no idea! But I wonder how they found it... Googleing names? Searching for something else? Dinner was alright... It was Italian inspired. First soup, then pasta, then salad (I was already full here...), then chicken and veggies, then YUMMY desert of a pancake with ice cream filling and fruit over it! Delicious though very cold! And to top it off they had a chocolate fountain where you could dip fruit in! Wine was also flowing from glasses to mouths but not mine! I don't drink wine. So I had a beer when I arrived and the rest of the evening I had water or soda. The music was sucky. The old hits (from YMCA to footloose, latin music, old 90's dance songs, a couple of more recent hits, etc). It's really not my taste. So that made the evening a bit longer... Still it was funny watching everyone dancing... And the phenomenon that happened... The new Black Eye Peas song My Humps comes on and you see many older people walk back to their tables. Old boring dance music comes on and you see some of the younger generation come back to the tables. It must be hard for the DJ with a crowd from young uni students to old ladies, finding a music to please everyone! They gave everyone a gift wrap of different products the company sells... Prizes for the evening included wine, gift certificates for different stores (IKEA, Montreal Shopping Centres, etc) from 25$ to 500$, weekends getaways in Quebec hotels as well as one 2500$ gift certificate in a travel agency! I did not win that. I won the wine. And of course me... I don't drink wine! I'll bring it at the next dinner I attend... Probably back home this Christmas! At the end of the evening I was in line to get my coat back from the coatcheck and I saw a colleague from my training session. It's nice when we meet each other at work we chat a lot. So she offered me a lift to the nearest metro. Once in the car she asked where I lived. And she then offered to bring me home as it wasn't too far from where she was dropping other people!! So I gladly accepted her offer! That saved me a long ride back home! Within 15 minutes I was here! Now my hair smells of smoke and that's disgusting. Moi

Outfit for Christmas party

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle November 25, 2005 @ 7:09 pm
Today I went shopping. I was hoping to find my mom's Christmas gift. I know what to get her. But there are just so many different kinds out there, different colours, etc. It's hard to choose which I want to get! I will have to go back another day as I came home empty handed. I did get a new top for the Christmas party at work (call centre job... Yes the one that got me the suspension!). I like the top a lot, it's a deep turquoise colour... So here's what I'll be wearing for the party. Outfit They said it has to be evening wear... But it's not usually my style... So I decided to go for a top with skirt instead of a dress. I'm comfier with that so! I'll also bring the sweater on the left in case I get cold. It's hard to decide what to wear... I don't want to be overdressed or underdressed!!! The Christmas party should be fun... But because I don't work at this job for that long I don't know many people... Only a few from my training group I know more closely. So hopefully some of these nice colleagues will be there...


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 24, 2005 @ 10:49 pm
Back on Saturday 19 November and Monday 21 November I missed work. My supervisor phoned me today. I had informed my supervisor through internal email that I'd miss work, which he got. The phone message I left on the HR lady's answering machine, she did not get apparently. It's beyond me how a phone message can dissapear but oh well. Even if the HR lady would have got the message the supervisor told me the reason I gave was not acceptable to them. I said I needed to focus on my University studies because it's the end of the semester. To me it is an acceptable reason to miss work as afterall now I am a student. This is a student job. It's the first time in all my working years I've missed work on purpose. The supervisor told me I was suspended for 3 days, so to not show up at work tomorrow Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was so happy! More time to do my homework! My housechores! To sleep! I don't think someone was ever this happy about a suspension before! The Christmas party is Saturday evening. I asked him "Am I also banned from attending that?" And he said of course not! You have to come! So I'll go... It's weird. It'll be my first corporate Christmas party. Any tips?

To-do list version 2

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle @ 11:59 am
Remember this post about my to-do list for University classes? With all my papers due and exams, etc? Well today you get to see this semester's to-do list! And I'm happy to report almost everything on it has been crossed out!! So courage... It's almost over Christelle! To-do list


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle November 23, 2005 @ 11:21 pm
I'm so very tired. I'm hungry but don't find any food yummy right now so don't know what to eat. I have a huge headache which I have had all day despite taking a total of 3 Advils. And I'm stressed with papers and exams and Uni in general. It's good to vent out everything.
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