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Orange Woodsman

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle September 30, 2005 @ 11:59 pm
Today I went for a little walk on the Plateau. I love the houses there... I'd like to find another nicer appartment with some charater in that neighbourhood eventually...! Saw these bright orange stairs... Stairs I just finished watching a movie called The Woodsman. It was alright! I like the atmosphere they set with their use of music/score. And the scene at the end with the girl in the park. But I won't say more...

I’m done with the WPP!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 9:44 pm
It's final. I'm submitting 3 photographs to the World Press Photo workshop. They are burned on the CD. 2 I kind of like and 1 I added because it has potential... But today I went out again and couldn't see more photograph ideas. I believe this subject (secret lives of teenagers) was a bit too narrow. But I am ok with it. I did my best. If I am selected for the 1 week internship at the newspaper, I'll be super happy! If one of my photographs is put in the WPP exhibitions I'll be super happy! But if none of that happens I'll still be happy. Participating in this workshop is great. It has allowed me to learn so much. I can't wait what the other participants have come up with. So tomorrow I will go bring my entry at the Contact Image shop. And then wait for October 6 to hear the results. I am so thirsty right now...

Cold is arriving…! Winter is near!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 10:51 am
This morning it was really cold when I got out of my nice comfy warm bed. And now my feet are freezing! This made me think about... I love snow and winter. But I also hate winter. I hate having to put on so many things before stepping out of the door. In Summer just quickly step in the flip flops and walk out. In Winter... Sweater, jacket, scarf, shoes, gloves and tuque! It's so much longer and then... You go in the metro or the bus and it's boiling hot. So you take the sweater, jacket, scarf, gloves and tuque off! And then it's time to go out again so you put the sweater, jacket, scarf, gloves and tuque back on! Thankfully this is not starting yet. Only a light jacket is needed now... But soon... Winter will arrive!

Life living itself

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 29, 2005 @ 10:27 am
I can't believe how time goes by so quickly! It seems I've just started the new semester at Uni and it's already like a month in! Papers and midterms are arriving! I had a paper due Tuesday and one due today (I am writing it at the moment). Not next week but the one after are midterms! I guess it's a good thing that time is passing by quickly. I'll be done with this undergrad degree before I even realize it. But at the same time it's going by so quickly that I sometime feel I am not really living my life. It's hard to explain... It sometimes feel like I am letting things live for me. The routine of school, work, homework, house keeping stuff, cooking, sleeping, showering with the occasional concert to break it up a bit. But I wish it was not like this. I wish I could wake up every day in a new city, facing new landscapes and explore. Discover new things. Not have a job and go to work (like my new one at that call centre) just with the intention of getting a paycheck to then pay the bills. Working because it is something I enjoy doing and maybe receiving money for it. Not have to wake up at 8h to write a paper. I am still sleepy.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 8:51 am
Winds kept me awake... Periodically during the night I woke up because of the VERY strong wind gusts in the trees that are right near my windows. The wind is still very strong! Some gusts shake not only the branches but the whole trunk of a tree that's in the backyard! There's a squirrel nest in that tree too... Poor squirrels! I have now got the window open and love the sound of that strong wind through the leaves! Its even drowning the sound of the news on tele at times!

Long day… quick post

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 28, 2005 @ 11:14 pm
Slaap lekker iedereen!

Blackboard of the future

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 27, 2005 @ 10:02 pm
Tonight my Italian class was not at its usual location. We were in a Smart room. It was equipped with a really neat Smart Board! A computer connected to a big board/screen... You can view presentations or simply have the board white and then you can write on it with a "pen", use fingers as a mouse on the big board to perform different actions like opening a program, etc. More of the features are listed here... It was really neat! I wish all classrooms were equipped with this kind of blackboard! Maybe sometime in the future I guess!

First calls, dinner and paper

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 26, 2005 @ 9:36 pm
Today at work training I answered my first client calls! I had a few though ones regarding bills, etc but a few easy orders to take also. It was fun but a bit stressful as I still do not know the program thoroughly enough to be quick and comfortable. After work at 17h30 I went to dinner with my old boyfriend and his father who his visiting. It was alright. Not too strange. I had mussels, fries and a beer, it was good... I was hungry! I have to finish writing a paper due tomorrow for my Photography, Vision & Culture class but I am watching Prison Break (Fox) now. I really like that show!

Sam Roberts visual

Filed under: Montreal,Photography — Christelle September 25, 2005 @ 4:10 pm
Sam Roberts and Corey the drummer... Image hosted by Again... Image hosted by Put your arms up! Put your arms up Hair in motion... James, Sam and Dave rocking away! Hair in motion

Work training… Again!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 4:03 pm
I woke up this morning at 7h. My alarm is on my television, it switches on... So I lay in bed and then I head some news on LCN and then it makes me want to get up to come see the images. Only a radio alarm would make me stay there with my eyes closed. Anyways... I got ready and left for work training. I got there at 8h30, 30 minutes early. I was not the only one, a colleague was already there also so we sat together. Then from 9h to 14h training. It went fine! We did an exam in the morning, 70% was the passing grade to continue on with training. I got 96%, the highest mark! Yay! Then we also learned more about the program we use and sat watching other workers in the call centre to get an idea of how it works. And then at 14h35 I was home. I did the cleaning of dishes. I had not done it in a while. And I had nothing left! All the plates (small or big), bowls, glasses and knifes were used. I hate doing the dishes when there is so much! It still went quickly enough. Tonight I am going to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Until now I have managed to not see news about the results. Which is good. I want to keep it thrilling, seeing if Fernando will win the World Championship! And guess what I am doing tomorrow? Again... Work training!

Sam Roberts

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 12:19 am
I had to write about the gig tonight... To clear my mind before attempting to go to bed. I say attempting because after a gig... I may be tired... I may be exhausted... But I always get a high and lots of energy. So it's hard to fall asleep. So... Sam Roberts. It was at a theater with seats, L'Olympia. I waited in line from about 18h45 to 19h30. I got the place I wanted, about 4 rows back, centre. I sat... And waited there... I had brought along some of my notes from today's training session at work to copy over. I wrote it very messy today and couldn't even read it back! So I did that while waiting. A guy next to me was curious as to what I was doing... I guess copying notes at a concert is a bit odd. But I was on my own so why not make the most of the time lost waiting for the gig to begin! First came Pony Up! They were alright. Not my kind of music but they gave a good performance, especially as they eased up towards the end of their set. After a short break Sam Roberts came on! The band looked great as always. They had lots of energy. And to think that a week ago they were in Japan! They get over jetlag/travelling quickly. Or maybe they were still on Tokyo time! Anyways... They played a set with a lot of their old songs and a few new ones, to be released on an upcoming CD. I liked the second new song they played best... Bullet something? It was good. Sam was great with the crowd as always. A great gig! Coming out of the venue someone was distributing flyers for another Sam Roberts concert on October 1! I'll skip that one. I'd go if I was not so busy already but I've got school + World Press Photo workshop project + work training. Can't wait to be done with work training! And tomorrow I hope Alonso wins the F1 Drivers World Championship in Brazil! Go Fernando!

Training and then fun!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 24, 2005 @ 5:25 pm
CMOS. No orders over 50$ for new Canadian clients. A = Bill paid. First name/last name. Product reference number. Key code. GTA = Gift to all. F1. All of this work stuff is all mixed up in my head! Today at work training I learned about CMOS which is the program used to take client oders over the phone. It was interesting because it's really hands on, playing around in that program. Tomorrow 9h is an exam, we have to pass that to continue on with the training. I'm feeling confident. Tonight hopefully I can forget about all that work stuff and enjoy Sam Roberts at the Olympia! Yay! I probably won't write about the gig until tomorrow though, when I come back home tonight I'll go straight to bed. It'll be late... And next morning I'll have to get up at 7h!

Got some photos and sick with a headache!

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle @ 7:10 am
So afterall the movie was just alright, nothing too special. After the flick I went to do some groceries and laundry. At around 14h I left to go downtown and try to take photographs for the World Press Photo workshop. I got pictures of one lonely teenager sitting at the Place des Arts and two young homeless people on Ste Catherine Street. After that I went back to the youth centre in NDG. This time there were about 8 teenagers there. They happily let me take photographs of them. All in all most of the photos turned out well but this is a new camera I am using and it does not work quite exactly like my old one (though they are both Canon's) so a few photos are not so perfect. But I've got some material to work with so I am happy! Then at home I felt really sick. I had the most huge headache ever! Tylenols did not help. It also was making me feel like I didn't want to eat though I was hungry. I still made dinner with a lot of difficulty. I made rice with beef cubes and carrots in a sauce. It was good. And at 21h I went to bed. I slept until this morning at 7h, that's 10h of sleep. Now I only feel the headache a tiny bit and took 1 tylenol to help it go away completely. Because today training at work we're going to learn the main computer program I'll use to work, the one that takes orders. And she said to come well rested! Hopefully I won't finish the day with the biggest headache again tonight. Because I am going to a concert, Sam Roberts!

City sounds

Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 23, 2005 @ 9:48 am
Yesterday after class I went to Jeunesse 2000 in NDG neighbourhood to go see teenagers. But the youth centre was empty. So I may go back today, more around 15h-16h instead of 18h30 like yesterday. I just started watching a movie, Enduring Love, an English movie... It has a weird start. Still more than an hour to go to the movie though! I have the patio door open and it's nice to have that fresh air coming in my appartment. But it sucks the sounds I hear. I hear tractors doing some construction work, I hear cars passing, I hear the occasionnal bird and I hear emergency vehicles sirens. I miss hearing the sea, the waves crashing on rocks. In my hometown that's what I'd hear when I opened the window.


Filed under: Montreal — Christelle September 22, 2005 @ 11:04 am
Grrrrr...! For the World Press Photo workshop they gave me an assignment. It's called "The Secret Lives of Teenagers." Problem is I know not one teenager. So I have been trying to find teenagers to photograph. I have tons of ideas in my head, concepts, but I can't find teenagers to carry out the concepts for the photographs! And I am shy. This sucks. I really want to get it done. The only pictures I got until now were on my film camera so they are useless. And approaching the teenagers was difficult. As I thought they were weary about a stranger photographing them. Even though I explained what it was for, I was participating in a photographer workshop about Montreal teenagers and the pictures could be used in an exhibition, etc. They thought I would use the pictures in a way that would be bad for them! I am thinking about going to a Maison des Jeunes (youth centre) but I don't know how well I'd be welcome there. I also thought about going to a skate park or so. I know I just have to try it out to see. But in my mind I just think too much! I just wish I had a few teenagers willing to work with me on this project. Know any in Montreal? Help me!
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