The municipality of Blanc-Sablon, with approximately a total of 1200 inhabitants, is located on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, right by the Labrador border.  For that reason, Blanc-Sablon is considerend like the link between Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland.

Carte de localisation

The three villages occupy a territory of  880 km² including islands such as: Bassin Islands, Perroquet Island, au Bois Island and Greenly Island, and the exact location is North latitude 51°25'00", West longitude 57°08'00".   Blanc-Sablon and Brador are located in two bays, while Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon is set on a rocky point of land.

Blanc Sablon is also the province of Quebec's easternmost community.

Blanc Sablon always keeps the same time, Winter or Summer. Most of the province of Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador also have different times. The law stipulates that at the east of the 63rd meridian, time is -4 from Greenwich. And Blanc-Sablon is at the east of the 63rd meridian.

To Get There

Although Blanc-Sablon is an isolated spot of Quebec, there are many ways to get there.


(May to December, depending on ice conditions)

Relais Nordik

From Natashquan, Quebec, take the Relais Nordik boat.  Not only doesit carries passengers thru all the villages on the coast, with final destination Blanc-Sablon, but it also brings food, cars, construction materials and containers filled with all sorts of useful things for the villages.  It's quite an experience to be cruising on the boat, stopping along the coast andallowing people to visit the communities.

(All year round)

Airport in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon

This is the quickest way to travel to Blanc-Sablon.  The airport is located a only 2-3 kilometers from the village of Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon, and there is daily departures and landings.  When the boat can't sail anymore because of frozen ice on the sea, the plane brings in fresh vegetables, fruits, milk,... and this once a week.  Also, the mail and the newspapers are brought in Blanc-Sablon using the plane.

Road and Boat
(May to December, depending on ice conditions)
For people enjoy long , but beautiful, drives, this is the best option!  From the main continent, cross over with the ferry boat from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques.  Then, drive along the coast of Newfoundland, going North, all the way to Ste-Barbe, where you'll then access another ferry.  

This boat takes about 1h45 to take you to Blanc-Sablon.  The prices and schedules are in the websites linked here under.
Marine Atlantic:
North Sydney --> Port Aux Basques

Ste-Barbe --> Blanc-Sablon

The Apollo, takes you from Ste-Barbe to Blanc-Sablon

(When there is snow)

A marked trail, maintained by the Quebec Ministry of Transport, runs from Natashquan to Old Fort (72 km West of Blanc Sablon), a distance of 457 kilometres.  You can rest or wait out stormy weather at relay stations, emergency cabins stocked with firewood.  An information map of the trail is available here.

For a detailed map of the trail:
Association touristique de Duplessis
Tel.: 1-888-463-0808
WWW: Tourisme Côte Nord

For more information on the trail:
Ministère des Transports du Québec - Direction de la Côte-Nord
Tel.: (418) 295-4765

The Road
The highway 138, that now extends to Natashquan, picks up again in Old Fort Bay .  On the other side of the Labrador border there is also the Highway 510, which allows people to travel 50 kilometres away from Blanc-Sablon.  So, approximately, there is 100 kilometres of road linking together more than 10 villages.

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